The Art of Boredom

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I am extremely privileged to have been included in a Tandem Blogging "experiment" with some of SA's most gifted bloggers. Fortunately I bring the average IQ down to a palatable level so you all can relate a little better.

Every week 9 SA Bloggers are given a random title, and asked to create a piece around it. We each publish the piece on our Blogs at 2pm every Wednesday. This week's title was "The Art of Boredom". Here's my piece... 

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"7 February 1993

The last 12 months have been nothing short of sensational. I never in all my life expected my work would ever receive such acclaim.

When I first wrote A Few Good Men in 1985 I wanted to take a stab at the political game of megalomaniacs. When will humanity rid itself of these arrogant imbeciles who continue to make the lives of their contemporaries a living hell? I fear the worst sometimes. Fortunately people like Rob Reiner and Tom Cruise restore my faith in humanity.

Why Rob would ever believe in the play the way he did, and take a chance on me, is still to this day a mystery. I knew I had something special in A Few Good Men, but getting people to believe in your vision can be one of life's toughest challenges. I think back to failing my sophomore year. I almost called it quits. But thank God for that fail. I could've easily become an actor, and missed out on penning my baby.

She is just that. My baby. What Tom, Demi and Jack did with those characters though took a baby and made her a dazzingly radiant beauty queen. I am just so proud.

But I fear my own future. What now? Have I peaked too early? I never dreamed I'd ever reach such lofty heights. But will Hollywood still want me? Am I done before I've even begun? I have so much more to give!

I anticipate my greatest challenge in the coming months: Mastering the art of boredom. I have all I could ever have wanted. I have no need to continue creating.

But maybe that's the key? Maybe my next piece could rise from the mire of a bored soul?

The art of boredom.

That could make for a good film? Well, for now, I think I'll try and master boredom's art before conquering its challenge."

Fictitious excerpt from Aaron Sorkin's diary. 

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