Good Friday: The Day Mankind's Infinite Greatness Was Validated

James Preston Reply 7:39 AM
The world is getting better. It will take A LOT to convince me otherwise. In spite of this fact, humanity is still fighting the scourge of religious extremism causing atrocities like the attack on Garissa University in Kenya yesterday. 147, mostly students, dead. The day before "Good Friday". It is simply wicked.

I think humanity's greatest fights right now are that of religious extremism and climate change. And these WILL be fights humanity wins!

This Good Friday, we remember that Jesus went to literally infinite lengths (from the heights of Heaven to the depths of darkness) to reposition mankind to where and how he was originally positioned at his creation: In the image of God Himself at the top of a sustainable ecosystem which he was designed to manage.

This Good Friday, mankind's infinite value and greatness was validated. Within humanity is greatness we cannot even begin to fathom. Those that are filled with hate are simply the products of a recovering system which was deeply broken. They are simply believing lies about themselves and their fellow humans. They themselves carry greatness within their DNA. Despite their actions.
I see it throughout history. Acts of terror, war and hate are decreasing (and have decreased) at a percentage we can barely comprehend. Mankind is better today than it ever has been. And it is only getting better.

It is only a matter of time before al-Shabab, ISIS, Boko Haram and the few others are defeated. Mark my words. It may take time. And it will take sacrifice for which I and my fellow humans are forever indebted.

Humanity is too great to allow these lies of hate to perpetuate themselves. People are waking up. We are children of God. We are better than that. We are children of Light and Love.

Thank You Jesus for Your inconceivably immense sacrifice that rescued us from our self-inflicted houses of hate.

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