Increasing Glory Diary Wrap Up

Anonymous Reply 5:44 PM
Amazing. Glorious. Phenomenal. Life-changing. World-shaking. Nation-building. Any other metaphoric adjectives you could think of? They would all fit. This was the most significant week of my life. And that's a fairly big statement to make (although I am only 24 years old).

I cannot describe to you what I experienced during the 4 days of this time. The Glorious Presence of the Father overwhelmed at every meeting, and long after! (And continues to do so!) Moments in the Cloud of His Glory, to times of His Fire burning within (and without). God came upon His people in a radical way.

As people broke free from the shackles of legalism, our hearts burned hotter within us, and we were able to turn our hearts fully upon God, and allow Him to shine upon us in all His Glory! 2 Corinthians 3:18 was one of the primary passages of Scripture that best describes what God was (and is) doing among us:

"And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit."

He was transforming us with Holy Fire, Sweet Wine, Quenching Rain, Holy Glory to make us a people that would reflect His Glory wherever we may go! It was incredible.

I have never felt the tangible Presence of God in my entire life as I did during the last week. He bent me, broke me, shaped me, shook me, shocked me, any way He wanted me!

Yesterday was Day 4 of the "conference". (quotation intended) Friday 10 July. The day started it off with the Fire of God once more filling His people during the times of "musical worship". Jesus revealed Himself as the Lion of the tribe of Judah; as He gave so many people a Glorious boldness and courage. The physical outworking (manifestation) of this was fun to say the least! People roaring unashamedly under the Power of His Presence. Not everyone, but many.

God was doing something unique with everyone.

Rob continued to expound the Message of the Gospel of Grace (the True Good News!) from Scripture. Particularly highlighting Luke 13 (verses 10 to 17); the story of the woman crippled for 18 years. It was earth shattering. Life changing stuff. The Message of the Gospel is a Message that needs to be constantly fed into our spirits, allowing it to renew our minds, or else it is so easy to slip back into legalistic rituals. Form of religion without power. The only direction a church should take is one toward the True Gospel! The Good News of the Grace of God! Paul gave his life for it. So it was absolutely beautiful to sit under the Word as Rob showed us the Love, Grace and Mercy of our Father over and over again.

The evening session was once more incredible. Fini & Isi led the time of song and dance to the LORD. And the Presence of God was there. Rob continued right where he left off as he showed us more truth from Scripture the beautiful news of God's Grace. We then went into a time of musical worship in response to our Father. And once more His Presence was so beautiful among us. As we worshipped, He led us to pray for the sick among us. And His Power came upon so many as He released His Healing upon His people.

The testimony the following day was beautiful. One lady had been on schedule 5 painkillers every day for 18 years and after being healed by her Heavenly Father woke up with NO PAIN AT ALL! God is Good, friends!!

One thing that was truly memorable was the manifestation of Heavenly jewels during the time of musical worship on Friday night. I saw one young man, Michael, had a jewel in his hand. I went to have a look, and I picked it up, felt it, looked at it... and was amazed. I have never seen anything like it! I chose the design for my wife's wedding ring, so I held the diamonds before they were set in the ring. So I know what true diamonds look like. This jewel was like nothing I had every seen before in my life! The beauty was indescribable! It was perfectly cut. Perfectly shaped.

Below is a picture I took of the diamond-like jewel.

If you want to see a higher resolution picture click the following link:

Trust me, the photo doesn't do justice to the beauty of this incredible jewel! There were 5 others found throughout the hall as God manifested His Glory among the praises of His people. Now, you must understand, I am a cynic. I always have been. Fortunately, Rob confirmed my fears that at heart all of us are! So for me to so confidently claim that it was a Heavenly diamond of sorts is a big claim to make! I would not tell you something so confidently if I had an ounce of doubt. And I tell you because I have NO doubt these Precious Gem Stones came from no where else but the Heavenly Realm of God! How can I explain it? I can't. God is showing up. What more do you want?

Saturday morning was just as amazing. The most incredible conclusion to the most incredible week. Rob shared a "closing" message perfect for the cynic inside of you. We then had a quick tea break, and returned for a "Fire Tunnel" session! Ha ha!! We all queued up as we passed through a tunned of people praying for the Fire of God to shower upon us, and He did! It was chaos! It was messy! It was beautiful.

This conference has been the most amazing week of my life. And so many others too. I have been blessed to hear Rob's ministry on the Gospel before. I have also sat under incredible ministry by the likes of RT Kendall and Michael Eaton expounding the doctrine of Justification by Faith. But this week, God took my heart, and poured His Liquid, Molten, Firey Love upon it. And I was transformed further into the image of His Son. (2 Cor. 3).

I encourage you to download the sessions of our website my clicking the link below:

Highway Website (Increasing Glory downloads)

If you are skeptic about all this... that's absolutely fine. If you truly seek out Truth. It will find you. He will find you.

Increasing Glory Diary Day 3 (Evening)

Anonymous Reply 8:42 AM

This post will be a little shorter than the others thus far, as I only have last night's happenings to share.

The Fire of God came. The worship, led by Fini and Isi once more, was magnificent. All focus was on the Most High, as over 1000 people worshipped Him as the Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty. It was consuming, as every eye (spiritual and physical), every tongue, every thought was fixed on Him. You could sense the angels worshipping Him with us!

Rob got up to share. Man oh man he is such a blessing! He led us through 2 Corinthians 3, opening up the Scripture, comparing the Old Covenant with the New. Showing us that we can fully enter His Presence, and keep going deeper, without ever losing ground! Turning closer to Him, shining brighter and brighter with the Glory of His Face! Shining His Glory here on Earth!

It led to such a passionate stirring that everyone in the building jumped to their feet giving radical praise and shouting to their King! I was at the Currie Cup Final 2008, and I am a very passionate rugby fan, but last night the passion in that place could not be compared. I jumped and screamed more than any other time in my life! Because He is so worthy!

Then the Fire came! Where we were standing, on the right side of the auditorium, there was a tangible atmosphere of faith. Rob prophesied the Fire of the Holy Spirit over us, and He came upon us in such power hundreds of us were knocked off our feet under the power of the Glory!

God spoke so clearly to me about so many things. So directly. That is the Joy of His Presence, He gives us the richest revelations from Heaven. He spoke to me about HIV AIDS. I will transcribe exactly what He said to me from His Throne Room in a future post.

For now, I better find my seat and worship my Worthy Lord! Its 9am Friday morning.

God be with you!

Increasing Glory Day 2 & a bit of 3

Anonymous Reply 8:00 AM

Wow. There is very little else to say. When you experience the Glory of God, you are left with very little to say. All you can do is stand in absolute of awe of the Most Holy God who loves His children so deeply and passionately that He sent His only Son to make a Way for us to be with Him.

With all the final preparations and late nights, it finally happened. Wednesday morning, 9:20am (about there) Fini, Isi, their son Jordan, Bonnie Rufus and Wayno opened up Increasing Glory 2009 leading the people into the Throne room of Heaven. You could feel the atmosphere of faith and expectation! Dancing, jumping, shouting, roaring, as the children of the Most High worshipped their Father with reckless abandon. And He invited us into the Most Holy Place. The Glory of God in the place was tangible.

As I was lost in His Presence, I remember feeling the Cloud of His Glory upon me, and I knew something was happening. I opened my eyes just to see what it was and Isi was dancing on stage in the most incredible way! And this was only the first session of musical worship. (I don't like to just term it "worship", because our whole lives are worship, but you know what I mean!)

Rob Rufus led us into a time of preaching, as He expounded the Scriptures in His typically passionate and intense way. Operating fully in the mantle of anointing God has placed upon His life. Typically, his words were like holy fire breathing life into hundreds of dead bones, and re-igniting passion in hundreds more! His first session was primarily an introduction to the conference, where he explained the Power of the Gospel, and its importance in opening up a new Way into the Most Holy Place. (Hebrews 10)

Incredible, almost 3 hours passed (with a tea break in between) as people responded to the free gift of Righteousness imputed to all who accept Christ as Saviour!

That evening was just as powerful. The time of "musical worship" with Bonnie was again a time of God drenching us in His Presence, times of transformation before His Throne. Rob then continued with some of the most in depth, intense and gripping preaching. God was at work breaking the bondage of legalism the devil had on His people. Again, people responded to the Preaching of the Message of the Gospel as it was expounded, explained and applied. This time, it was far more specific, as people came forward desperate to be set free. And they were!

It was all so overwhelming. God was doing such a deep work in so many lives. And He isn't finished yet!

This morning (Thursday) the same team as yesterday morning (except this time including Brad Klynsmith, what a joy to watch) led us into a place where all eyes were fixed on the King. He began to move again! Continuing the waves of freedom and liberation!

Isi then shared the most incredible testimonies of what God wanted to do with His people as He shapes us into a people of His Glory. A people who operate from the Place of intimacy with Him. Fini then shared some of His insights into Kingdom living. Unbelievably it all went straight through the scheduled tea time past 12pm! 3 hours of deep ministry! People responded once more, and the Holy Spirit poured out His Wine as people of Him. If we are to be a people who represent Him in every area of our lives, the best state to be in is intoxicated with Him! After all, it's how the first church started out for goodness sake!

And this is only the first 30 hours. We aren't even halfway. A number of people have asked me if they can come to at least one session if they haven't registered. While we don't want to turn people away, we also need to honour those that have paid money to have a seat. So if you do come to just one session, then please respect these people by sitting in the "overflow area" in our "coffee bar" section, and soak it all up from there. Otherwise... we will be having a celebration meeting on Sunday night at the same venue with Rob and the team. All are welcome! But be there early!

I will try to keep this updated as regularly as possible, but I can't promise anything! I hope this has blessed you in some small way.

To Him be the Glory forever and forever. For only He is worthy.

Increasing Glory Conference Diary

Anonymous 4 7:35 AM

It is here! It is now 24 hours to the kickoff of Increasing Glory 2009! I have decided to run a digital diary during the conference, sharing some of my experiences, as well as thoughts and testimonies of others attending.

We start with Sunday, the 5th of July. Fini and Isi de Gersigny ministered at both the morning and evening services. During worship on Sunday morning, a very strong smell of freshly baked bread filled the building. It was incredible. Jesus was manifesting Himself as the "Living Bread". He was getting the attention of His people, inviting them to come and eat of Him. (John 6). For me personally, I was unfortunately distracted by a few things, and feel like I missed out a bit.

Sometimes you just know when you didn't get everything God was doing. I have often prayed to God during times of prayer and worship, "Lord, I want everything that you have made available to us Your children here on earth. Everything."

I don't know about you, but I am not satisfied with "average". David tells us in Psalm 34:8 to "taste and see that the Lord is good." God is a loving Father who wants to lavish His Love upon us, and it is a Love that can be experienced.

So, on Sunday morning I came away amazed at what God had done, but also aware that I didn't experience everything He had in store for His people. Primarily due to distractions. What those were, I won't go into. But it is amazing how easily we are distracted from what God is doing. If we are to worship our King with reckless abandon, we need to put aside everything that we are thinking, and put all our attention and focus on Him. It is in that place that He will meet us. He dwells among the praises of His people.

Aware of this, I came to the Sunday evening service hungrier, knowing God was going to continue what He had started in the morning service. I made a decision to not allow anything to distract me and take my attention off Him, and instead, worship Him recklessly, soaking up everything He was doing.

Oh man! How He honours His children!

The time of musical worship was incredible. The Spirit of God was among us, as people were touched by His Presence. Isi shared a testimony that was deeply encouraging, creating a hunger in people for more of God. Toward the end of her testimony, Isi had a prophetic word for Catherine Clark, one of our worship leaders. This opened up a flow of the Spirit!

There was then a call for those with (or those who desired) a creative ability. Artists of all kinds. These artists in the church stood in response to prophetic call. I was one of them. Immediately I felt the Presence of Holy Holy. (Isi's wonderful and accurate reference to the Holy Spirit)

From there, we went into a time of song and as we worshipped God, He showered His love upon us. It was then that I personally began to feel the Presence of God like I have never felt in my life. I have always been open to the move of the Holy Spirit, and have always hungered for His Presence in my life. Always aware that we don't chase after experiences. We chase God Himself. But also aware that a relationship with God is one that is rich in experience.

I began to feel the Weight of the Presence of God. It was like He was surrounding me with a cloud of His Presence. I then felt so heavy under His Presence that I was knocked to the ground. The way in which it happened was a first for me in my life! There is no other way to describe it but as Glorious! I then spent the next 30 mins under His Awesome cloud of Glory as He filled me with His Love and Presence. It was radical. Moments of tears. Moments of laughter. Heavenly moments. I was "tasting the goodness of God."

Dozens of others were touched by the Glory of God! And this was only Sunday. Bring on Wednesday morning, and the rest of the week! This is truly going to be a Glorious time as God meets His people with Holy Fire from Heaven with purpose. God always sends His Fire with purpose. People are going to shine with the Face of God as they are transformed with ever increasing Glory into the Image of His Son, so that the world may see His Glory, and so too be restored to relationship with their Father!

I am hungry for more of God! If I am to represent Him here on earth, I am going to need all that He has made available to His people here on earth.

Until the next diary entry... seek Him with all your heart! Hunger after Him and you will be filled!

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