How To Be A Better Person

James Preston Reply 8:37 PM
We are all capable of being better people. And this is by no means the focus. Not by a long shot! But oh our Father is faithful! And while I am constantly aware that I could improve on areas, I look back and am so thankful for a Father who has helped me be a better man than I was. Not instantaneously, but slowly. Ever so surely. One molehill eventually becoming a mountain of growth.

May I submit to you, while not making your shortcomings the focus at all: find a balance between being aware of where you can be a better father, mother, husband, lover, worker, student, artist, child, mentor and the consciousness that you have a Father who delights in being your Great Mentor, Father and Friend.

Short-coming-consciousness sucks. But pride stinks far worse.

(Reference Jeremiah 31:31-34)

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Why The Future Is Bright - with Peter Diamandis

James Preston Reply 4:34 PM
I get embarrassed by Christians sometimes. A lot of times actually. That's why I stay away from Christian Radio and Christian TV...

...and Christian magazines... get the picture.

There is just something about the religious DNA that gets activated when someone becomes a Christian. Or is raised a Christian. Whatever. And it scares me.

This religious masquerade in the name of Jesus put on by so many Christians gives the real Jesus a bad name. We all know what Mahatma Ghandi said.

Anyways, that introduction was to prepare you for this...

For those that don't know... I'm quite a philosopher. I am thinking all the time about the world and how to make it better. Through the filter of my understanding Scripture, the Bible, the life and work of Jesus, history, etc. Through that filter I observe what is going on around us, and like to think what is possible in our future. And I am convinced it is a bright, bright future.

My philosophic mind takes me to some strange corners of the internet. Like Jason Silva's page. Ever heard of Jason Silva? Oh my gosh. The man is on to something.

Yes, now, as a Christian I most certainly wouldn't recommend him for your daily input of media. But there is stuff he is saying in his observance of the world around that is worth taking note of.

I found Jason's YouTube page through this video I found below. A talk by Peter Diamandis. You might not have heard of him. He's the founder of the X-Prize. Still nothing? That's all I got for now.

He's just released a new book called "Abundance", which is about the future, and how bright it is!

What have I been harping on about for the last 2 months?? That the world is NOT to fear catastrophe and that the future is bright!! So you can imagine this rang my bell.

Peter believes that technology has the power to unlock some of the most difficult challenges we face here on planet Earth. And he presents a hardcore case. And I love it.

So, that's the Blog for the day. These thoughts, and this video. Use it don't use it.

But either way, I recommend you watch the video, and be inspired! It's on my iPod and I am loving it!

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Have a great weekend!

How to Find Your Calling and How To Write A Book in 2 Short Interviews!

James Preston Reply 7:16 AM
This last week I've had the privilege of spending time with 70 odd pastors and leaders from around the world who came together for a conference in celebration of Rob Rufus' 60th birthday, which was on Sunday 5 October.

With leaders from The Netherlands, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Kazakhstan, India, Philippines, South Africa and of course Hong Kong, it was a delightful melting pot of different leaders each doing church and ministry in their own unique way.

Despite the tight conference schedule I just had to get in an interview or two!

"How To Write A Book" with Chad Mansbridge (Adelaide, Australia)
Having been greatly blessed by the book "He Qualifies You" by Adelaide's Chad Mansbridge, I thought I would chat to him about how he came to writing that short but dynamic book.

I chatted to him first, in my hotel room only 2 rooms away from the conference venue. What he had to say was practical and inspiring, especially if you're thinking about writing a book....

For those reading this in Email, CLICK HERE for the YouTube link.

"How To Find Your Calling" with Ryan Rufus (Hong Kong)
Having interviewed Ryan Rufus, Rob's 2nd son and world-renowned author and preacher, over Skype back in 2011, I thought it would be great to get an interview with him in person.

Amidst him running around getting photos with all his guests before everyone departed their separate ways, I made sure I grabbed him (I did these interviews on literally the last day of the leader's conference). I asked him about something that has been stirring on his heart of late, which evidently is "finding your calling and operating it in". What he had to say was profound, check it out...

For Email-readers, CLICK HERE.

It was a wonderful time together with these incredible leaders, and I wish I could've interviewed all of them. Unfortunately I only had time to grab Ryan and Chad. But still had profound material.

It's been a while since my Leadership Podcast on my Sonic Substance site was updated, last time was in December last year with Kris Vallotton and Danny Silk!

I am looking at expanding my YouTube/video material, and would really appreciate your feedback on these short interviews. So leave a comment in the comments section, or give me a shout out on Twitter.

And of course, I would sincerely appreciate it if you could share these videos on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Emails. You'd really be helping me out.

Until next time!

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