Learning From the Relationship Between Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

James Preston Reply 7:08 AM
I watched the movie “Jobs” a couple of weeks ago where Ashton Kutcher does a good job of portraying Apple genius Steve Jobs. What struck me was the relationship between him and his computer engineer friend Steve Wozniak. If you either know the history of Apple or you’ve watched the movie, you would be quick to note that Wozniak was the one with a particularly uncanny talent to create computer hardware and software. Steve Jobs had some technical ability, but Wozniak’s talent was clearly superior to most others in the industry. Steve Jobs had the gift of seeing what the consumer wanted, Wozniak was the one who sat down and created such an experience.

The two talents together created remarkable machines. Jobs’ vision and Wozniak’s technical talent were a powerful combination.

Steve Jobs would then sell these products he and Wozniak created, and generate an interest in their product. Jobs then realised the need for expansion, and so hired other computer engineers to ease the workload. Steve Jobs then continued in his ruthless, never-say-die attitude, and cracked their first big deal with the release of the “Apple II”, and Apple as we know it was born.

Here’s the point: Without Steve Jobs, there is a very, very strong chance Steve Wozniak would be an unknown talent today. And certainly nowhere near as wealthy. You see, Wozniak was a worker. He wasn’t ambitious, he didn’t like people, and he wasn’t particularly interested in money. He just loved what he did; computer engineering. And if he was working on a computer, he was happy. Without Steve Jobs, he could quite possibly still be working for HP today.

Danny Silk and Kris Vallotton Video Interview

James Preston Reply 7:10 AM
I am absolutely delighted to announce the latest edition to my Sonic Substance Leadership Podcast.

Many of you may not know about the Sonic Substance project, because I haven't updated it for quite some time now. Between pastoring, business, a son, and the Blog, I haven't been disciplined enough to knuckle down and edit some of the quality interviews that I have recorded over the last few years. So many of you have joined the Blog without me saying a word about Sonic Substance.

Well, in a nutshell... Sonic Substance is a project that was birthed out of my experience as a Radio Presenter. I had interviewed dozens of incredible people over the years (Michael W Smith, Martin Smith, John Ellis, Third Day), but was always frustrated by the fact that once an interview was aired live, it was lost to those who missed it. So I started Sonic Substance to store these amazing interviews online for people to listen to whenever it suited them. (The new world of media!)

It then expanded into a much larger project to videos and a YouTube channel. The key is keeping it updated!

Seth Godin Video On Starting Your Own Business

James Preston 1 9:33 PM
If you haven't heard of Seth Godin... where have you been!? Nah, I'm kidding. There's so much material out there we can never be expected to hear of everyone.

Seth Godin is a marketer with a unique insight into where things are headed for business in the coming age. He is a prophetic voice for entrepreneurs, and big industry better sit up and take notice.

Considering I missed last week's Blog Post, I thought I would catch up 3 days late with a great video to inspire you, because it most certainly inspired me.

In this short summarised interview, marketing genius Seth Godin explains how the way society does business is changing, and there has never been a better opportunity than now to step out of your boat and into your big business dreams!

2 Serious Business Lessons From Facebook

James Preston 4 6:05 AM
Which is your favourite Social Network? I have a hunch that the majority would not say Facebook. Let's find out...

Take a second to take the Poll below and let's see. (I will edit this later to confirm/deny the hunch).
12pm Update: Ok, so it looks like my hunch was wrong based on the voting results below! But I still believe we can learn a lot from the discussion... Enjoy the article and please vote! :)

Social Networks have carved out some interesting space in the last 2 years. It is an always-adjusting game. One only has to look at MySpace. 5 years ago they would've competed for top of this list. Now they aren't even on the list.

The reason I'm sharing this is to point something out... Constant innovation is an absolute necessity in the technology game. And this is hyper-emphasised in the Social Networks industry.

My wife Corinne and I were discussing this last night. She has found a new favourite "escape space"... And it's not Facebook. It's Pinterest.

Why I Agree with Piers Morgan on Gun Control in America

James Preston Reply 4:29 PM
This is just a quick post. Not part of your weekly fix of Worldchanging. But I wanted to get this out there...

There has just been ANOTHER wild shooting attack in the United States of America! And no, I'm not talking about the one at LAX. ANOTHER one! This time at a Shopping Centre in New Jersey.

Now, I probably lean more Right than Left when it comes to politics. But I don't live in America, so have never voted for either faction's ideology. But really, the Right Wing need to stop this bickering about their love of guns. It is getting out of hand, and there is very little else to stop it but ban them entirely.

It is ATROCIOUS. We don't have that kind of fear to deal with in South Africa. I'm sorry, but with a society like that, and the way they are going, I can only but agree with Piers Morgan that guns should be banned.

The Right Wing have to acknowledge that the very very few are ruining it for the majority. (Those madmen shooting innocent victims).

At the rate these atrocious acts are escalating, banning public guns is fast becoming the USA's only option.

I don't always agree with him. And I most certainly can't say I like to agree with him. But Piers Morgan is right on this one. Guns have to go in the USA. Their society just can't handle that kind of freedom anymore.

Getting Out Of The Starting Blocks (To Create) - Guest Post by Tyron Akal

James Preston Reply 7:02 AM
Ever find yourself stuck before starting a new Creative Project? Today's Guest Post from Artist, Author and Pastor Tyron Akal gives you two keys to start!

Tyron blogs about creativity at www.tyronakal.com


"Inspiration far more often comes during the work than before it because the largest part of the job of the artist is to listen to the work and to go where it tells him to go." (L’Engle. The creative call)

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