Does Rob Rufus go too far?

James Preston 14 11:55 AM
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Rob Rufus has been labeled, among many other "Godly" labels, a heretic and a false prophet. The more diplomatic disagreements would simply say that he goes too far. Those are the folk that will say things along these lines; "I agree we are saved by Grace. BUT..." They will then proceed to give an elaborate Scriptural explanation of why there is a limit to preaching on the Goodness of God. Because essentially, this is what they are implying. That God is only Good to a limited extent.

Even the great DR Michael Eaton, described as the greatest theologian alive in the world today, has written a few articles giving his opinion on Rob's so called "extreme" presentation of the Gospel.

Let me say, I value Michael Eaton as one of the most important influences in my life, and to the church worldwide. He truly is a gift to the Body of Christ. I personally deeply love his ministry and have been and continue to be deeply impacted by his ministry.

I have read his article responding to questions regarding Rob Rufus' views on confession of sin and repentance. And to be honest, and I herewith get into the purpose of this article, I don't even see the point.

The article was written to help concerned leaders see a specific perspective on confession and repentance. By the language and construction of the article, it seems as though it is a response in letter-form to an individual's question, and this individual in question has distributed the response at will.

At this point I will say I hear what Eaton is saying in his article, but I find arguing over the preposition of the letter pointless. From a broad perspective, I agree with the point. But am not influenced by its arguments or opinions.

The problem is this: All it is doing is giving weight to leaders and pastors in their argument that Rob Rufus IS going too far in his presentation of the Gospel. When actually, if you read the article, Michael Eaton commends Rob and even thanks him for his fearless manner in which he has declared his convictions. Not once does Eaton refer to Rob as a heretic or false prophet, or even give a warning against those aligning themselves with Rob. Which other pastors and leaders have felt it necessary to take on such a responsibility.

I find it interesting that Eaton, one of the world's greatest and respected theologians, does not give any such warning, and yet pastors and leaders overseeing churches of a few hundred feel the necessity to even go as far as preventing "their" people from listening to what Rob has to say. You see, the key is this... Eaton has nothing to lose, and therefore is not clouded by circumstance in his opinion. Other such leaders have much more to lose, such as members, tithes, and peace. Sometimes its "easier" to keep the peace and status quo than to let people actually think for themselves.

My point is this... Rob Rufus IS extreme. And rightfully so. Because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is extreme. Paul's presentation of the Gospel was extreme.

What Jesus did on the Cross, fulfilling the role of Last Adam, is the most extreme act in all of eternity! And the power of being in Last Adam (Romans 5) is the most underestimated power in the church today! And if we did not have prophets like Rob Rufus, who unashamedly declare and present this Glorious Gospel in its most extreme manner possible, with cutting edge, razor sharp precision and clarity, our eyes would remain clouded by the religious conditioning and human traditions we have so deeply ingrained within.

I am unashamed to say that it is Rob Rufus' ministry that has opened my eyes to Glory of the Gospel. Before, I thought it was just good news. Now, it is UNBELIEVABLY, RIDICULOUSLY, EMBARASSINGLY GOOD NEWS!!! And I am more radical for Jesus than I ever have been in my entire life! I have started work in the townships of South Africa because of my deep convictions of THE GOSPEL. My preaching has never been so passionate, so full of conviction, and so clear in all my life. The people I have the privilege of partnering with (or "shepherding") in my youth group have become the most passionate, deeply wise, and bold group of people I have ever led. People of character, quality, and integrity. Because of THE GOSPEL. These people have released a CD filled with anointed, gifted and talented music written by themselves because of their revelation of THE GOSPEL.

I am willing to die for this GOSPEL. Without question. Whereas before, I would have weighed up the cost, thought about it, hesitated. Now, it is not even a question in my mind. I could go on listing the testimonies and results that we have seen because of people coming into a deep revelation of THE GOSPEL. But these are enough.

The point is; had Rob Rufus watered down his message and been a tad more politically correct, and less offensive, then I doubt I (or many others) would ever have had such a deep-seated conviction about this GLORIOUS GOSPEL. Because now, to me, it truly is glorious. Before, it was just the gospel. Another word used to get people saved at outreach events. Now, it is GLORIOUS! It is everything! It IS THE WINE! And New Wine cannot be put into old wineskins! It is everything that I am. Everything that I do. Not just a message. Now, it is truly Good News that makes me weep, cry and laugh every time I hear it. And had it not been for Rob Rufus, and other such pioneers equally radical about it, I would never have been so impacted.

We must understand that what Jesus did on the Cross was the most radical thing God could ever do. Ever! It was extreme. And this Gospel IS extreme. If the Gospel that you believe is not extreme, then it has probably been watered down and diluted to become a little more "agreeable" for our religiously conditioned minds and backgrounds.

You see, it comes to the hungry. "God gives Grace to the humble, but opposes the proud." You will find that those around the world radically preaching this Message in a so-called extreme manner, and there are many, each had divine encounters with God where they were just desperate to see more of God in their lives, meetings, churches and ministry. They had reached a point where it was all or nothing. And I think God is attracted to such people. It is in this place, that God reveals to them the Message that IS all or nothing. The Message of Jesus. Who went "all or nothing"!

Jesus went the furthest He could ever go to reconcile mankind to God, their Father. So if Jesus went that far, Rob Rufus isn't going far enough. Simple.
Don't forget to check out this amazing interview we did with Rob Rufus here.

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