The Scandalous Offense of the Gospel

James Preston Reply 12:04 PM
In case you didn't know, the Gospel was meant to offend!

Romans 9:33
"Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense;
    and whoever believes in him will not be put to shame."

It is such ridiculously Good, intoxicatingly Happy News that, when presented in its fullness and purity, should invoke an offense that says "it is not as easy as that!  It cannot be as good and as easy as that!"

Well, it is!  The whole point of this Gospel is that Jesus accomplished everything you and I couldn't and purchased for us everything we need to bring His Kingdom of Love to this planet.  This is what Peter meant when he wrote in his 2nd letter "we have been given everything we need pertaining to life and Godliness."  He goes on to write in that same passage that Jesus gave us everything we need to partake in His Divine nature and through what Jesus did on the Cross we have already been separated from this sinful world!

You have been given everything you need!  Done!  Once and for all!  You don't need to fast, pray, read your Bible or worship more to get more!  It has already been given in its fullness!

If you fast, fast to get rid of the unbelieving religion that plagues our human, unrenewed minds!  If you pray, pray for God to reveal His Goodness and what was accomplished on the Cross, and how much you have been given!  If you read the Bible, read it to realise how Good He is and what He has given you and how much He loves you!  If you worship, worship because you have seen how Good He is and you can't hold your praise back!

It is a ludicrous scandal.  A scandal that is spreading like wildfire across this planet!

Romans 8:19
For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God.

Around the world people are rising up in response to this scandalous truth!  Their spirits bearing witness to this Glorious Truth of the Gospel, and they are being set free from religion, bondage and fear and rising up to be the sons and daughters of God He already created them to be!  A people who know that God loves them passionately, and that His Love is the most powerful force in the entire Universe.  It is happening all over the world.

Religion is telling some that this Message is too good to be true.  Religion, like satan in the wilderness, is using Scripture to deceive others into believing that it cannot be this easy.  That to be a Christian one needs to please God, live a holy life, and keep a check on one's own life.  What these people who are buying into these lies don't realise is that this is the most selfish, introspective viewpoint in the world!  That lie says that it is more about what you do than what Jesus already did on the Cross, and thereby takes away the glory from God and gives it to you.

But the body of the Truth in Scripture is too heavy and too weighty to be ignored.

Jesus has set us free once and for all!  And what remains is that we enter into this marriage free from the old marriage of religion and receive His undying, unconditional Love for us!  All that remains is for us to receive His Love.

One sip of this Pure, undiluted Gospel will intoxicate you for the rest of your life.

2 Corinthians 5:14
For the love of Christ controls us...

One drink of this Pure Gospel and Paul was done for.  Transformed forever!  The Love of Christ was such a powerful force to Him that He couldn't stop.  It literally controlled every move he made, and everything He did.  If the Love of Christ isn't controlling you, then you might need another drink of the New Covenant.

In the same way alcohol controls the mind and body, the Love of Christ will control you.  You will look crazy.  You will look stupid.  You will be mocked and criticized.  But you can't help it, and you can't go back.  For like Paul, just one taste of this Pure Good News, and you cannot go back.

Stop questioning!  Stop believing the lies!  The Truth is being revealed!  The Gospel is this good!

It is nothing of what you can do.  It is everything of what Jesus has already done!  There is nothing left for Him to do!  He sat down at the right hand of the Father because His work was complete!

I raise my glass in toast and drink to that!  Thank You Jesus!

Psalm 116:13
  I'll lift high the cup of salvation—a toast to God!

Did God the Father forsake Jesus on the Cross?

James Preston 13 12:48 PM
Ok, this post is open for discussion... Your input is welcomed. Just let us avoid mud-slinging.

I've just read a blog by a young American pastor who is typically fed up with the "christianese" culture that has ravaged the church in the USA. Like most of his kind, he seems to understand that God is Good, above all. That's an important start. But like many others who are grappling with their faith, looking at it with a new perspective, I get the feeling he is leaning toward making Jesus just another Good Man. And this is the danger of taking supernatural revelation by The Spirit, and grappling with it intellectually on our level.

(I am not saying He is making this statement outright, but this argument leads down the road to such a conclusion.)

Yes, God is not out to judge or condemn you. He sent His Son, Jesus for that. But don't allow your new found freedom of God's Love and Grace ever undermine the work of Jesus on the Cross!

The article in question posed the debate "did God the Father forsake Jesus on the Cross?" I was intrigued because I just recently had a conversation with a friend regarding this very subject.

My friend's argument was the same as the blogger's: God did not forsake Jesus on the Cross, because God is too loving and would never forsake His own children. (This is essentially what they are saying.) Jesus just felt forsaken because in that moment He took on the weight of the sin of the entire world.

The blogger then continues to argue that when we sin, we just feel forsaken and condemned. But we aren't really.

I have a major problem with this argument.

This argument implies that Jesus wasn't really forsaken, He only felt as though He was. And therefore when we sin we feel the same way because we are carrying the burden of our sin.

This doesn't work for me, because this argument leads to Jesus just being another Good Man. Not The Saviour. It says that we can be just like Jesus, and live good lives, and when we sin we may feel condemned we aren't really because God loves us anyway.

For me, this waters down the Glorious Work of the Cross. I believe Jesus was forsaken by the Father on the Cross. I believe He really died and, mysteriously, for 3 days He was cut-off from the Father. He didn't go to Heaven. He was cut-off from the Father. (Hell)

And once the entire just judgment of mankind's sin had been fully paid for once and for all, the Spirit of Almighty God breathed life into His Body and He rose again and He defeated death!

He did all this so we can never ever be forsaken! EVER AGAIN! NEVER to feel condemned ever! No matter what! He died so that we may have True Life! Always! Abundantly!

It was a Divine Exchange! Not a model for us to follow! It was a real gift that Jesus came to give us, God's children. Jesus came to give us Life, and in exchange He died.

This perspective makes one realise how Glorious a Work the Cross actually is. It wasn't just an example of sacrificial love that we should aspire for, but it was THE magnificent work of Almighty God, an official act to pay for mankind's rebellion once and for all!

An official act that not only displayed how Loving He was, but officially paid a Way for us to BE Loved by Him and become His children and enter into an eternal relationship with Him!

So my friends, please, let's watch ourselves. That we do not take the mysteriously remarkable Good News of Jesus and water it down to our palatable level. What Jesus did for mankind on the Cross will never be fully understood and grasped! We will remain in awe of that Work for all eternity!



Again, your comments are welcomed. If you disagree, that's great. Just support your disagreement and do not do so in an unnecessarily heated manner.

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