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James Preston 7 9:24 AM
Most people will see this post as weird, silly or too far out there.  That's ok, because I understand most people don't have the child-like mind Jesus encourages us to have if we are to experience all of His Kingdom here on Earth.  But yesterday, God spoke to me clearly in the most exciting way I have ever experienced!  And I just have to document it, because I feel a number of my readers may come across this specific post after having something similar happen to them.

What I am talking about has been termed "the language of the Spirit" by the prophets of today.  I was first introduced to this way in which God speaks to us when going through Bethel's school of supernatural ministry material.  In fact, Bethel speak about it quite often.  In Kris Vallotton's recent book "Heavy Rain" (which I have already touched on in a previous post here) he talks about what God is doing in the nations, and mentions how God was confirming this new move in his church's life with some prophetic symbols; the language of the Spirit.

In their case, they were having some very strange encounters with Owls.  Yes, Owls.  On one occasion, the night before Kris was about to speak and mention the language of the spirit and specifically owls, a member of their congregation was driving home and an owl was in the middle of the road and wouldn't budge.  He eventually took it home!  On another occasion, Kris prophesied over an unchurched business man, and after the prophecy the man went on to have a number of very strange encounters with Owls.

Now, the language of the Spirit doesn't always involve animals, and when it does, it is not always owls.  But I use these examples because of what happened to my wife and I on our way home from church last night.

Firstly, when I read these encounters in Kris' book "Heavy Rain", I had a real desire to have God speak to me in such a way, specifically with owls (for what they represent, which I will touch on later).  A few months later, God did start speaking to me in such a way.  Not through symbolic animals though.  But I realised God most certainly is speaking all the time, and we just need to have our spiritual senses awakened and we will start to "hear"!

Then, during our first ever Highway School of Supernatural Ministry, we had a testimony of a prophet in our church who had an owl outside her window every morning for the past few mornings!  I couldn't believe it!  God was speaking again!

Then!  This week, I was going through some of my books in my book collection.  I hadn't read anything lately, so I was just flipping through "Secrets to Imitating God" by Bill Johnson just to remind mysel what it said.  The first page I land on speaks about how God speaks to us through the language of the Spirit, and he specifically used an example of symbolic animals!  Immediately my mind thought of an owl.
So, yesterday morning, after church, a number of people were having coffee after the service in our garden area, and suddenly a chameleon walks across the garden!  They called me and I knew God was speaking to us, just confirming what He is up to.  Again, I was reminded of an owl.

And then last night in the evening service, Jimmy Duguid let all heaven break loose and the River of God was flowing like a Torrent!  Just before He called everyone up, a moth flew directly in front of him from one side of the stage to the other.  Coincidence?  I think not.

The ministry after Jimmy's sermon involved some powerful encounters with God!  A Fire Tunnel meant everyone had a fresh touch of Heaven's Wine.  And then me...  Well, toward "the end" of the night I decided to go through the Fire Tunnel myself (I was praying for people) and I walked past Janet Wheeler he prophesied "make him drunk, Lord.  He can't do this job sober!"  Now, let me tell you, I have been consumed with the Love of Heaven before, but never like that!  Last night, for the first time in my life, I was too drunk to drive home!  It was incredible!  God was ministering deeply to me, and I lay on the floor till the last few people in church.

So my friend Andrew and my wife carry me to the car, and my mind is completely set on the things of Heaven.  Suddenly, as we turn on to Old Main Road in Pinetown, approaching the nearest Traffic Lights directly in front of the church, there... sitting on one of those traffic lights IS AN OWL!!!!!

I couldn't believe it!!  Corinne did a U-turn to go back and check it out, and sure enough, it must've been the biggest Owl I have ever seen!  Sitting on a traffic light directly outside our church in central Pinetown after one of the most amazing church services ever!  Yep, God was confirming a whole lot!

It was unbelievable.  I cannot even begin to describe the excitement I felt when I saw that Owl.  I had been thinking about owls since reading the passage of the book earlier in the week.  Then the chameleon.  Then I actually see an owl!  I was (and still am) so excited for what God is saying in this significant time.

What is it that He is saying?  Well, firstly, the prophetic significance of an Owl is that it represents the "apostolic".  An owl can see things from a distance in very dark places.  And it hunts rats.  The church is moving into an age whereby they will go into the so called "darkest places" and see exactly what needs to happen for Heaven to invade those situations.  And they will hunt the "rats" of this age, the forces of darkness.  The Kingdom of Heaven is coming like a flood, and the forces of darkness no longer have anywhere to hide!

I believe the chameleon we saw in the morning represented the changing season our church was in.  The moth represented people flocking to us, the Light, for deliverance, healing and salvation.  And the Owl represented the purpose we were moving into:  An apostolic focus whereby each and every member of the church will know they are sown like seed into the world, ready to terrorise the servants of darkness and usher in the Kingdom of Heaven!

When I think about it, I just get so excited!  As I have said only this week on my Facebook page...  "Aslan is on the move."

God is speaking all the time.  We just need to listen!  May you hear and see what it is He is saying to you today, and may it change your life forever!

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Hectic! woah, that is crazy insane stuff right there! :O awesome testimony...God has got some big global church happenings going on!Its like everything is begining to come together (in the bride).

In November 2009, we had a similar thing happen. Kris Vallotan had spoke at the Healing Rooms in our area and mentioned the owl. The same week, we were hosting a conference with Randy DeMain and "The Burn" team from Montana which we called "Breakthrough Revival." During this meeting, a real owl perched on our building. This is very rare and unusual in our area (North Idaho). Another amazing thing was that an artist painted during the conference and had painted an owl with a clock in the background about to strike midnight!!!! The same week, the Awakening began in Kansas City at the International House of Prayer (on 11/11/09). I knew it was a sign.

By the way, Randy and I have been to Durban a couple of times. We saw a major outpouring of the glory realm in October 2009 on The Day of Atonement. I love Durban!!!

Kari Browning
New Renaissance

Ha! So its 2014, and God is still speaking. I am in South Florida, so not uncommon to see an owl. I was on my way to a prayer meeting, it was twilight. What is awesome is that I saw another white owl fly by on my way home. It could have been the same owl...God is awesome. Happy to have found this post!

Hey Paola! Wow! That is absolutely awesome! Yep, indeed, God is speaking all the time. I'm so glad the post blessed you. Thanks so much for popping by and letting me know. Means a lot. Be blessed and do stay in touch!

Hello James and church! Well I was just googling owl since I'm a Christian with a owl experience and so thanks for helping me to understand that maybe this was a God thing. To explain I think I lean more to the apostolic gifting over the prophetic even though I did get the calling of a Prophet to the Nations. I was called out of IHOP (International House of Prayer) and sent by God to Washington D.C. to speak to a House of Prayer starting there. God then brought me to Kansas and I am here now praying for a House of Prayer to grow as God desires - believe He is planning on a mighty one here in Lawrence Kansas or maybe Topeka Kansas or both. Well as returning from D.C. and living in Lawrence a owl appeared in the back yard and stayed for weeks - have pictures. This is very unusual since I was living in a city and have never even seen an owl before other then maybe a zoo. I thought it was probably a God thing but didn't understand and even wondered if it was possibly a witchcraft thing since I'm living in a city with lots of witchcraft. So I did come across Kris's and your articles about owls being a sign of the prophetic and the apostolic work God is up to. So now I see it as God confirming to me that my apostolic type of trip to Washington D.C. was Him and hopefully all was accomplished that He had sent me there to do. I am one that walks in spiritually signs more then exact words from God. He speaks to me with numbers and signs mostly so I do relate to what you are saying about Spiritual language that is there but sometimes I think we are just not taught to look for it or see it but once we do it's awesome since we start to realize God is speaking all the time and in a variety of ways!!! Who would of thought a moth was Him speaking - we just need to be open to Him speaking however He wants - take God out of our little boxes and life gets more fun in God!

Absolutely Jami! You got it! God is speaking all the time, we just need to open up our little boxes we keep Him in. Haha.

What a beautiful testimony. I am so glad you found the Blog Post and it blessed you and spoke to you. It sounds like God is setting you up strategically for where you and where He is positioning you. He is clearly going to use you for a great purpose in Lawrence!

I speak and declare Blessings over you, your family and your work in Lawrence. Bless you Jami and thanks for the comment!

I am sorry dear one but you are deceived. You are assuming that becuz you were seeking such signs that they were indeed from the Lord. It seems the enemy is bringing you what you desire in your flesh, for we are not to put God to such foolish tasks. Do read up on this child of God and be diligent in sifting everything before the Lord. Owls are not with keen eyesight...matter of fact they are severly far sighted and depend on their sneaky soundless wings to trap their prey. They have no characteristics of a prophet. A prophet sees what the Lord shows him or her, brought forth in revelation illuminating in the light of his truth. A chameleon in front of you is a HUGE indication that something is amiss. It is not what it seems! If anything the Lord is indicating to you that you must be careful and see it for what it really is. I pray the Lord lead you to the truth regarding these things for it is alarming ro me that the deception of false teachers have gone so far. Owls are known all around the world for it's occultic association. Now I was once apart of the Bethel camp and I knkw they and Rick Joyner Ministries claim God has taken back these symbols for himself. But that is non scriptural. In Duet. It talks against using occultic symbols and practices becuz it is an abomination to God! It says that such practices greive and anger him for he does not want to remember these things for they were a reminder of the rebellion of his people.

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