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My wife and I were blessed with 2 tickets to a Christian conference in Johannesburg called “2 Days of Hope”, hosted by Rhema Church. The key guests were Joel Osteen and Joseph Prince.

Now, let it be said, I've never taken a significant interest in all things Rhema. And the same can be said of Joel Osteen. It's not that I've disagreed with them on significant doctrines or anything.

So why the lack of interest? I can't really put my finger on it. Part of it could have to do with the media's portrayal of such high profile ministries. Most press that the likes of Rhema Church and Joel Osteen get is negative, unfortunately. And when you don't know much about the subjects, it's easy to go with what the media may portray. Unfortunate, but true.

Joseph Prince on the other hand is a personal hero of mine. (Although I only first heard him in July this year! Robby Slabbert you biscuit, you! More on that story later...)

The fact is, we were offered two free tickets to this conference, and Joseph Prince was scheduled to preach a number of the sessions. I don't care who else was sharing the pulpit, if Joseph Prince was going to be there then this was an opportunity not to be missed!

And wow has this been an eye-opener!?

What we've experienced has been significantly different to what we are used to in our circles of familiarity. The style of preaching; the treatment of V.I.P.'s; the status of the prominent leaders; the style of worship... All very different.

But despite our differences... I refuse to criticize. They are doing what they know and feel best as much as we.

I refuse to join the countless of “doctrinally sound Bible scholars” in frowning upon Joel Osteen. His influence supercedes that of most preachers on the planet today. (Don't hear what I'm not saying, our teaching should be based on as solid a foundation of Biblical Truth as possible!)

But this is the reason I traveled 600kms to get to this conference... Doctrinally sound Bible Truth empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Joseph Prince must be one of the most powerful preachers on Earth today. His heart is filled with the deep, theological Truths of God's Word revealed by the Power of the Holy Spirit! He is no ordinary preacher. He is no motivational speaker. He has delved deep into the everlasting wells of the Scripture and understands the Gospel incredibly.

It is human to naturally exalt men. And I am careful not to put any man on a pedestal. And so it is with that in mind that I hope you understand my heart behind my admiration for this modern-day apostolic father in Joseph Prince.

I heard about the conference, and his coming to South Africa, and I longed in my heart to be there, but everything was against me. Price; leave; transport...

And when my wife and I were blessed with TWO tickets to the conference, I knew it was the Father in Heaven smiling down upon me.

We didn't know what we were in for. But we knew it was to be a God-ordained supernatural impartation from Heaven above.

And oh how it has been!

Joseph Prince opened the conference with a world-changing message that so deeply impacted me I could not stop weeping as the Holy Spirit washed me in the Pure Love of God found only in Christ Jesus.
If we only came for that message, it was worth it.

But praise be to the One True God; it is an “ever-increasing Glory”. It only gets better.

As mentioned, the conference has lifted our eyes beyond our pasture, and allowed us a small glimpse of the bigger picture of the Church that Jesus is building today. I don't care what you say! Jesus IS using Joel Osteen, Ray McCauley and others to build HIS Church! God is so much bigger than what our small, wannabe-intellectual minds could ever imagine.

As I write this, I am sitting in the final session of the conference celebrating Rhema's 30th year.
The conference has been outstanding. Yes, different, but God has been here.

Of course, the highlight for me was sitting under the ministry of Joseph Prince. His message again this Saturday afternoon was one of the most Powerful sermons I had ever heard. The Presence of the Holy Spirit was tangible as he ministered God's unconditional love, mercy and grace toward His people. Oh it was incredible!

I have heard the message of “Grace” (as so many are calling it) hundreds of times. But my friend, it doesn't matter how many times you hear this Message, it WILL change your life further. That's because Grace is not a doctrine, nor is it a teaching, it is a Person. The Person FULL of Grace and Truth... Jesus Christ Himself.

“The law was given through Moses, Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ.” John 1:17

And so, as Joseph ministered his final session that afternoon, I again bathed under the “waterfall of God's Amazing Love for me” only found in Christ Jesus! Such a deeply spiritual encounter makes me only want to worship Him more. Serve Him more.

I will never be the same. God has spoken so deeply to my heart once more. Both me and my wife.
And I encourage you... let go of trying to figure everything out intellectually, theologically, and just let the Spirit REVEAL to you the Love of the Father, that you may love everyone. No matter what. We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19. When you have a revelation of His Unconditional Love for you... oh it will be easy.

Thank you for reading, and God bless you.

Tomorrow I sit under Joseph Prince once more as he ministers at Rhema Bible Church for 2 services in a row. And I anticipate the overflowing move of Holy Spirit Himself. Why? Because as one of the great theologians in the world today, DR Michael Eaton said:

“The Holy Spirit blesses His Message.”

What is His Message? The Message of the Gospel of Grace.

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