Sonic Substance Website Updates!

James Preston Reply 6:17 PM
 I am very excited about some new updates to my website and blog!  For those of you who may be new to my site, Sonic Substance is a media resource center aimed at equipping worldchangers.  That's you.  (You better believe it!)  This is done through the Leadership Podcast, where, using my radio and TV experience, I interview significant and influential leaders and ask them questions that may give insight into areas they may not necessarily get a chance to share on the public stage.

The updates to the website include a few new recent interviews, most recently Paul Manwaring, as well as the official YouTube channel for the Leadership Podcast.

For the regular visitors my blog, you will also notice the new Blog Theme.  I figured considering I was going to update Sonic Substance fairly significantly, I felt my Blog needed a good revamp too.  Mind you, it is still work in progress.  I have a few edits that I would like to get on with, but right now I am a little "computered" out at the moment!  I don't know how computer programmers sit in front of a computer all day every day like this!

You will notice that the Sonic Substance site remains a CSS HTML website.  I ummed and aared about going WordPress, and just thought that it would be too much effort considering the amount of content I already have up online.  But a WordPress design is certainly on the cards in the future.

The bottomline is that this is a significant step forward in providing you with some of the most influential yet creative and unique resources on the web today.

Thanks for your support, and be sure to check out all the new podcasts online!

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Spiritual Blog of 2013!

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