What Change Will Barack Obama Bring?

Anonymous 2 11:46 PM
For me as a South African, the relevance of the American poll is minimal. But as always, the fight for the helm of the "free world" is always an interesting bout.

But I just wanted to get something off my chest.

1.Barack Obama will become the next president of the USA.
Mark my words. While every other media outlet asks the question, I make the outright prediction. From what have I drawn my conclusion? His smile. I am telling you, people vote for a face. A person they can trust. Barack's smile has that quality in abundance. McCain doesn't even have a smile.
2.A major controversy will arise during his term of Presidency.
Come on. Someone somewhere is already digging in the dirt of this guy's history. We've already seen it with Sarah Palin's attack on his support from a "domestic terrorist".
I know it is terrible to say so, and speak such words into being, but you almost get that feeling "it's only a matter of time". It is the unfortunate reality that Western society today only builds heroes up just so they can tear them down again.
"You either die a hero. Or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." Credit to Christopher Nolan for that quote. It comes from Aaron Eckhart in Batman: The Dark Knight.

So remember... You heard it first right here.
Let me know your thoughts and feelings. Post a comment, and let's get talking!

Concentration Retards - Thanks Google!

Anonymous 6 9:48 AM
Well howdy folks. My blogspot profile has been fairly dormant in recent months. Well, actually, this is my first official blogspot post of 2008, so yes, dormant may be a good way to describe it.

A good subject to open my 2008 postings would be our handicapped ability to read and concentrate. The fact that you are here indicates you make up a portion of our society with internet access. Odds are, you've had such access for a while now. (Any amateur user still wouldn't know the meaning of "Blog", so I doubt we have any amateurs, right?) I was first introduced to the internet in the late nineties. Back when it was more of a rare phenomenon. I became a "user" in 2001 thanks to a job I took at Highway Radio. As my use and reliance of the internet has increased, I am ashamed to say that I have witnessed and experienced the degradation of my ability to concentrate when reading or writing.

Even the fact that you got this far is impressive in my books!

I came across an article on the net entitled "That's Why They Call Them Browsers". Whatever program you are using right now, whether it be Internet Explorer 6.0 (Shame); Firefox; Chrome; Opera or Safari (Shame again), they are all applications we term "Browsers". And it all makes sense! The internet is a mine of information. The problem is; there was never any protocol of how it should be established.

And what we have now is a wealth of information stored on pages with so many links and adverts; it makes it impossible to concentrate on the very article you are reading! Go have a look at http://www.nytimes.com/ for instance. One of the most significant newspapers in the world, but each article bombards you with other adverts and articles that you barely have time to satisfy your reading before you become interested in another catchy article!

We browse; and miss out on the joy of indulging in the entirety of an article, essay, or piece of literature.

The internet has retarded us. I love reading. The English education system taught me to read from early on. And I haven't stopped. But I have noticed that in the last 7 years of increased internet usage my concentration ability has become seriously handicapped.

What's the point of this article? Just a wake up call for those that have come across it.

A wake up call for us as intelligent beings "made in the image of God" to take stock of where we are as a society. I am adamant of not allowing my handicapped ability to read prevent me from reading great literature!

The Doctors among us will call this A.D.D. among other syndromes. I call it another brick in the wall of "society's degradation".

Would love to hear your comments!

Until next time...

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