Nothing Changes God's Goodness

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What a week. In fact, the last couple of months have been the most busy of my life. But as I said in a previous blog post entitled “is your faith being tested”; I knew it would. I doubt it will slow down all that much, although I look forward to stepping into more of what God has for me, and in that, I firmly believe I will be freed up to do more of that which He has called me to focus on. But all in His time. I will always serve Him, no matter what. He is too good not to serve!

Back to this week... it's been a tough one. My wife's grandfather passed away on Wednesday evening. Us South Africans often use the Afrikaans term “Oupa” for our Grandfathers, and that's who he was to most of us. He was 85. He lived a great life, and died so peacefully in his sleep in his own bed. The way most of us would like to go. Right?

It saw me doing my first memorial service as a “pastor”. It was an immense privilege. Evert de Jager, or Oupa, was an incredible man who taught me so much. My wife Corinne, myself, and my brother in law had many moments together with him praying over him, praying for him, and sharing the love of God to him. They were special moments.

So being asked to do the memorial service was an honour. He was a man who accepted Jesus' free gift of salvation, and that of course makes death so much more peaceful. Death was not the end, by no means! It was simply a passing from one life to another. A passing from this life to Real Life. (Capitals intended). So we celebrated a life well-lived, and a New Life begun. What a joy. Of course, as a family, it still remains somewhat of a shock, but there is a Peace that rests upon us in this time.

The other news that came through just this morning was that of a good friend, Jeremiah*, who passed away after months of battling with cancer. Jeremiah was a man with so much of life left to live; and at a fairly ripe middle-age he leaves 3 incredible children and a beautiful wife.

My grandfather was ready to go at the age of 85; and there of course surely isn't too much point in praying for a man who wants to enter his New Life. But in stark comparison, Jeremiah didn't deserve to go. It surely could not of been his time. We rebuked that cancer, but alas, to no avail. I believe Scripture promises that God has gifted us with 70 years on this Earth. Anything short of that is not God's will. God is good, all the time, and it is not God who takes people to be with Him before their time. It contradicts His nature!

So while we mourn the death of Jeremiah, we again celebrate the fact that he is with his true Father in Heaven. Despite his early passing, we don't question God's goodness. And neither should we question the authority we have over that which is not of God. Cancer for one.

I don't live in a fantasy world. This is real life. But I refuse to allow experiences change the Truth that has been revealed in THE Truth, God's Word. We have been every authority. Nothing should stand in our way. Nothing.

Sure, the questions remain. I'm a real guy with real questions. But I don't allow questions to change my revelation of God's Word. He is Good. More than we could ever know. Nothing, nothing, nothing! Nothing can ever change that!

Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with the family of Jeremiah. We love you, and grieve with you in this deeply painful time. Rest in the truth that he is with the best Father in the Universe. The One True God. Yahweh. Wow.

One love forever in the Kingdom.

Until next time,


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