Us Picket-Fence-Dwellers Don’t Really Know Fan-S**T

James Preston Reply 11:12 AM
This "s**t hitting the fan" message is a prime example of the mindsets of most of humanity: Default to view things negatively. (This default is the reason the 'Rapture Theory' became the most popular End-Time theory after World War 1).

Now, yes, what is going on in KZN is atrocious. And yes, it IS a negative situation. No doubt about it. But the way we spread messages and the messages we send go a long way in the kind of atmosphere we perpetuate in our communities.

(The very reason this xenophobia has exploded is because the rhetoric within these communities has translated into action) DID YOU KNOW THERE IS A MARCH FOR PEACE IN THE DURBAN CBD BEING LED BY THE KZN PREMIER AND ASSOCIATES TOMORROW?
For every 1 post I have seen noting this, I have seen TWENTY negative thoughts making comment about the violence.

Humanity loves stories. We love to comment and give our 2 cents.
But CHANGE requires ACTION. Not comment.

We each have the power to contribute to ending this violence. We do.
And it starts by a simple action: Viewing these horrendous circumstances through a different lens.

What lens you may ask? For starters: One that sees the root of where this violence all started. A root of uneducation. A root of poverty. The pain of the past.

When we view these attacks through this lens, immediately there is an empathy which arouses a need to contribute to preventing this from happening again.

The s**t may be hitting the fan. But how much s**t is it? And what percentage of people are actually activating this violence verse those that are mere sheep-like followers?

There is a much better way to warn our fellow citizens than by opening a line with "s**t hitting fan seriously".

Garissa, Kenya. That was SERIOUS "fan s**t". Us privileged picket-fence dwellers don't know "fan s**t".

Let's change our viewpoints, and see this as a call-to-responsibility as fellow South Africans to rise up and take back our beautiful Rainbow Nation.

For starters, I will be at tomorrow's March. Will you be there with me?

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