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As mentioned last week, I am privileged to have been included in a Tandem Blogging "experiment" with some of SA's most gifted bloggers.

Every week 9 SA Bloggers are given a random title, and asked to create a piece around it. We each publish the piece on our Blogs at 2pm now 7pm every Wednesday. This week's title is "Ninety-Nine". Here's my piece... an experiment with very basic poetry. Forgive its primal form.

(See below the Post for the links to other Blogger's work!)


Ninety double figures in the first set,
a common number for high-odd bets.
A long way off from the last single figure,
but you get here fast enough if you count with vigour.

One of Jesus' most popular stories,
but only a single digit gets the glory.
Anyway, I prefer the big crowds for me,
it's where the party gets wild and free.

I'm only one percent short of perfection,
but if your score is mine you'll get almost equal satisfaction.
The mathematician that decided on percent,
clearly didn't know that it was me he meant.

A mirror image of two sisters,
two curved lines below two blisters.
One short of three figures am I,
yes you got it now... I am Ninety-Nine.


That's it for this week's contribution! Excited to see what the great Dave Luis gives us as a title for next week!

Check out what the other great Bloggers came up with below:


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