Can Cancer Be Beaten Naturally?

James Preston 1 7:26 AM
So this week's Blog is another video to something else I'd like to introduce you to. A friend of mine Andrew De Beer introduced me to Chris Wark.

Chris was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2003. He received surgery, but turned down chemo, and completely recovered using a complete change in eating. He has become somewhat of an expert in the field of beating cancer naturally.

I love his message, because as a healing-believing-Christian, I hate cancer. And have seen too many people lose the battle. So I want to see any effective ways possible to beat this devil! I hate cancer!

Chris has so much to say, and such a great message. What he says makes sense.

So I wanted to introduce him to you, and let you decide for yourself. Check out this video introducing you to what he is all about and his message, and you let me know your thoughts.

I am not a doctor, and I am no cancer expert. But some things do make sense when you add them up.

For my Email viewers. Here is the link to the YouTube Video.

What do you think?

Jean Deysel Red Card Meme

James Preston Reply 2:05 PM
So many of you know that I am a passionate Sports Fan. And a passionate Sharks Rugby fan. Every big game, usually a rugby game, I lose a few Twitter followers because people realise just how much I love sport, and love to express my passion on Social Media. I can literally see them unfollowing. It's an amazing thing.

So anyway... today the Sharks beat the best team in the history of Southern Hemisphere rugby in their own back yard, where they (the Sharks) have NEVER won before. In over 15 years! But that's not all! On top of all the stats being against us, one of our best players was RED carded. Yes, RED carded.

And, unlike what everyone predicted, we bounced back and played with more heart than I have ever since the Sharks play. With 14 men on the field! But to top it all off, the Ref seemed to constantly blow crazy calls against us. So, the opportunity was there for this Meme...

Jean Deysel the player red carded, and his captain Bismarck Duplessis tries to encourage him.

We won! 30-25. An absolutely phenomenal result!

Mike Stopforth Video Interview

James Preston Reply 1:59 PM
I am really excited to release a new feature on my Blog: Video Blogs! Yes I know, everyone's doing it. But we need a sensible voice among the crazies-with-no-time-on-their-hands, right? I hope so.

Coming out of my Sonic Substance Leadership Podcast I've been running for the past 5 years, I am excited to introduce this feature onto my personal YouTube Channel. The aim is to provide resource material very similar to what I provide here on my Blog.

Many of these Video Blogs will be via Interviews, very much like what you've seen on

My first Video Interview is perfectly suited for this avenue. It's all about Entrepreneurship. Something I am deeply passionate about to see South Africa (and Africa) advance!

And so, what better way to do that than with one of South Africa's brightest young Entrepreneurs, Mike Stopforth?

I found Mike online by Googling something over 6 years ago. I've followed him on Facebook and Twitter ever since. I've since cultivated a bit of an online acquaintanceship with him, and he was kind enough to oblige me an interview late last year.

This interview will inspire you and give you valuable insight into what it takes to start and grow a business in our current economic climate, and our interesting sociological future.

If you enjoy the Interview, please be kind enough to share it, like it, and comment with your thoughts!

For those of you reading this via email, you can click here to go to the YouTube Page of the Interview.

The Top Ten Movies of All Time - So Far

James Preston Reply 1:27 PM
I love movies. Since I was a 10 year old I used to record movies off South Africa's leading movie broadcaster; M-Net. I had a collection of almost 100 VHS cassettes with my own cutout covers. The thing is, I'm the kind of guy who needs a movie to impact me. If it doesn't draw me in, and leave a mark on my thinking at its end, I feel robbed.

I don't have time for films or shows that don't mean much. They have to provide something a little deeper than the surface. Make me think. Inspire me to be a better me, go out and change the world, you get the idea. At least have a level of creativity that inspires.

I wanted to create this list for those of you who may have a similar taste in film as I do.
So I have started a Google Spreadsheet in Google Drive (oh how I love Google) which lists the following:
- the basic details of the film
- my review in a percentage (I will add a decimal point to some)
- my opinion on the language in the film (I'm not a huge fan of strong language - but will endure it if it's a quality piece of art - think "The Ides of March")
- any notes worth considering

If you want to find a film based on Alphabetical Order, and can't sort it in Google Drive (I don't want you editing my list!) then visit my IMDB Movie List, and sort it there. It won't give you the same details, but will give you a basic idea of whether I enjoyed the movie or not.

Here is my IMDB Movie Page

And here is my freely shared GOOGLE MOVIE REVIEW SPREADSHEET currently with over 45 movies reviewed and rated.
This Google Spreadsheet will be updated as regularly as possible. As will my IMDB movie list.

You will notice a lot of my reviewed (and subsequently favourite) films are recent films. This is because I didn't appreciate film in my early years as much as I have since reaching adulthood (in the 2000's). So until I go back and watch some classics, my Top Ten list may be a little biased toward more recent films.

If you want to know how I get to some of these percentages, here's an explanation for you...

The perfect movie for me contains the following ingredients, in order of priority:

1. Meaningful Message 
At the end of a movie, I need to feel like the Writers were communicating a message to me. And the deeper the mark their message leaves on me, the more I appreciate the film. But if the other ingredients aren't up to scratch, it will hamper how much I enjoy the movie.

2. Engagement
I need a movie to keep me engaged. Either through a thrilling, flowing script, or through genius story-telling. Draw me in, and keep me wanting more.
This is why I love Disney films so much. Their attention to detail in their story-telling is second to none. While many of their movies have a meaningful message worth noting, some I just appreciate for the sole reason of their breathtaking animation and their masterful "easter eggs" hidden in the background that make you realise just how much thought the moviemakers put into their work.

3. Creative Script
There is nothing worse than cheese in a script. It's one of the things that I hate most about bad movies; cookie-cut boring scripts. A script should be creative, thought out, produce real-life conversation and allow for quality acting.

4. Production and Cinematography
I combine these two because they both play a similar role in my perception of a film. The quality of art has to be high for me to appreciate it. These days, with film production equipment and software cheaper than ever before; there is just no excuse for poor production. Unless film-makers want Special Effects in their movie. In which case, either do it well (and pay for it) or don't do it at all and work around it (get clever)!
A good movie-maker fills the screen with meaningful shots and breathtaking visuals, cutting at the right time, complimenting it with the right sound, and mixing it together into one beautiful masterpiece. The visual & audio portrayal of the film is one of the stars of the cast, and when poorly done, brings the whole film package down with it.

5. Acting
Acting is 5th on the list because it truly is the last major ingredient. If the other 4 ingredients are quality, you don't need the best actors in the world. The movie will act itself. But, that isn't to say it isn't a major ingredient. Quality acting can make a good film great, giving it legendary status. But bad acting can make a great film good, tarnishing its image and leaving it in the doldrums of mediocrity. Daniel Day-Lewis for instance is one who can take a good film, and make it great.


These ingredients combined together can create masterpieces, leaving me stunned before the screen as the credits roll over, not wanting to leave my seat, and soak what I have just experienced.

Here are my Top-Ten favourite films since I started rating them (about 7 years ago):

Sure, I only watched this movie a few weeks ago. But since then I have watched it a further 2 times. No movie has ever left such an impact on me as this. It was masterfully written and absolutely brilliantly woven together to produce a piece of art that will leave you shocked and enlightened to want change. I can't fault it anywhere.

Much like the above "Four Horsemen", this movie left me legless, unable to move at what I had just experienced. Left to ponder pure genius in the Theatre as the credits rolled. I watched it again on the big screen within 3 days. And have since seen it twice more. It loses 2% solely because I thought Danny Boyle could've added just a touch extra here and there. But as far as films go, this is about as perfect cinema you will ever get.

Ok sure, so I'm a Christian. But Faith aside, you cannot deny the brilliance of this movie-making? The cinematography, screenplay, editing, sound, acting! Aah! It has masterpiece written all over it. Truth be told; I'm not much of a Christian movie fan. Really. I'm actually embarrassed by movies made by my fellow brethren, but this? This was brilliance. On every level.

Another one that left me stunned in the Cinema. And what a cinema it was! I was privileged enough to watch this at IMAX Durban. Something I did twice more! Until Slumdog and Four Horsemen came along, this was my favourite movie. It rocked me. Christopher Nolan's craftsmanship of portraying a world that loves to tear down its heroes was pure genius. And Heath Ledger's "Joker"? I don't think there is an acting performance that can compare.

I was lucky enough that my landlord lent this movie to me. But unlucky enough it was only on DVD (and not the Cinema or Blu-Ray). I had noticed the film in the Theatres with Christopher Nolan directing and Christian Bale starring, but never thought it would be as remarkable as it was. It's twisting and turning plot produced one of the most thought-provoking films I've ever watched.

The Wachowski Brothers (now brother and sister) produced magic with "The Matrix", then fell off the bus trying too hard with its sequels. Then they came back with a vengeance. Literally. This movie draws on all the talents of the Wachowskis, specifically their deeply philosophical view on society. V for Vendetta trumps The Matrix for so many reasons, not least because it takes you on a journey of what society is capable of and why we can't let it happen.

I was pulled in right in from day one of seeing the trailer! I couldn't wait for its release! And sure enough, this film was one of the few that delivered on the expectation of its trailer. And beyond. George Clooney isn't just a looker and a gifted actor, he is a thinker and a talented writer. Movie Drama at its best. One of my all time favourites!

8. INSIDE JOB (96%)
I heard about this film after watching its trailer on a flight to Singapore. I knew it would be a cracker. Again, another trailer-beater. (So rare in Hollywood these days). This film is one of the most important films to hit Big Screens, and is the reason I found "The Four Horsemen". Geniusly interwoven to produce magic. Magic that leaves you breathless at what is happening on Wall Street. Deserved every ounce of its Golden Oscar Statue and more!

9. TOY STORY (96%)
One of my son's favourite movies. And was mine when it first came out in 1995. Watching it again with my son has made me appreciate it even more. This movie was miles ahead of its time, and proved John Lasseter's genius in more ways than one. The man doesn't make enough movies, bottomline.

10. CARS (95%)
I would argue this movie has one of the greatest intro sequences of all time. Pure art. And from those first frenetic 15 minutes the movie never slows down. Groundbreaking animation mixed with masterful scriptwriting combined with a brilliant soundtrack makes it my 2nd favourite Disney film, and my 10th of all time. It's just such a pity its sequel fell so short.

If you want to see the rest of my list, check it here:


What are some of your favourites?

What Are The Main End-Time Theories?

James Preston Reply 1:23 PM
This one's for my "Christian friends"... Have you always held to the view that we're going to get raptured (magically translocated to Heaven) one day while all our "non-Christian" friends (who God loves more than we do!) are going to stay behind and deal with absolute treachery spearheaded by some arb One-World Leader?

You DO realise this is only ONE of four primary interpretations of the "End Times", right?

The other three don't come anywhere NEAR this theory. And these other three theories have support from the likes of Martin Luther, John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards and Justin Martyr respectively.

This more popular-held theory of "sudden rapture-me-away" is only really supported by modern preachers who don't really have a good track record as scholarly theologians.

I'm not telling you what I believe. (Yet.) But I just wanted to educate you that there ARE other theories on the End-Times.

A GREAT start would be to read this fine summary of the Four Primary Theories... 

At the end of the day, I do believe this:
Jesus IS coming back. There will be some kind of Judgment Day. We will live forever with Jesus.

If that invokes fear, then you don't know my God like I do. "There is no fear in Love". (1 John 4:18)

"Christ" - a Poem inspired by the Internet

James Preston Reply 2:02 PM
I am part of a fantastic initiative of Tech Students in New York called "The Listserve". They ask people to add their Email address to their database, and then every day one lucky user gets to send out an email to everyone on the list not more than 500 words long (or so). With over 24,000 people signed up from all over the world each day's email provides for fantastic reading and fun. I've shared postcards with people, made Twitter friends, even had a coffee appointment with a Joburger because of it! So if you're not on The Listserve, be sure to check out:

One of the Listserve Emails that came through on the 15th of January was from a lady who had the idea of setting up a nifty Word Association game, where those who responded to her email would be added to a list of people that could take part. You can check out the contributions so far here:
and check out the words used since she started it here:

I wrote that I wanted to take part way back in January, and then didn't hear anything back and forgot about it. But today I got an email to say that it was my turn! Almost 6 months later!

I could add anything "short" to the game like a poem, video, soundclip, image, all based on my contributed word.

The word last used was "kill". So I used "Christ". And came up with the following poem for my contribution:

"Christ" - by James Preston
Time split in two, 
for me and for you. 
Sinful humanity that day was killed, 
as the Blood of our sacrificial lamb 
was spilled.

And so now someone else on the list will use my word "Christ" and add their word and their contribution. I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

So there you go! Just another clear example of how the internet promotes creativity.

Does God Love EVERYBODY?

James Preston Reply 4:52 PM
You may often find yourself frustrated at how disgusting people can be sometimes. And how they can do the most repulsive and disgusting acts to hurt other people, animals, this planet, themselves even. And in light of these repulsive actions, you may ask yourself...

How can God love these good-for-nothing creatures?

Firstly, I understand your frustration and your absolute disgust in these vile creatures who call themselves human beings. I could not agree more with you in feeling a deep, passionate anger against them. I have felt that anger and disgust. And still do to this day.

But there's a few keys...

Firstly... God DOES love them, unfortunately. I say unfortuntely, because to the natural, cognitive mind that sucks to hear; because it makes us goes "HOW??? HOW CAN YOU LOVE THESE PEOPLE, GOD??"

Well, that's where God's love is different to ours. It is entirely unconditional. NOTHING anyone does can make God love people more or less. If God's love were in any way conditional, we would be in trouble. How would we know for sure God loves us? What makes us think we deserve God's love and not someone else? Are we saying that we deserve God's love? If God's love for us is by Grace, then it's by Grace to EVERYONE, ALL THE TIME, COMPLETELY.

Remember when Jesus was being crucified? He cried "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."
There are so many keys in that statement! Firstly, HOW can God love the people that were disgustingly murdering and humiliating the very Son of God Himself?? Who did NOTHING wrong to them and only loved them?

There's a few keys...

First one...
They didn't know what they were doing.

This is massive in our understanding of humanity and its despicable corruption. Humanity doesn't actually realise what we are doing. We don't realise that we are hurting other people, we don't realise that we're hurting animals, the environment, etc.

Why? Because embedded in our flesh is something different to any other animal... SIN. And it got there not from what we DO, but because it was passed down from Adam and Eve. Sin entered the world through Adam and Eve's sin, and not long after that the world became a pretty disgusting place. The first murder after their sin was their own son Cain killing Abel!

Romans 5:12 gives a great explanation of this:
"...sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men..."

(And then on the flip side, Verse 18 shows how God's love for us isn't based on what we DO)

"18 Therefore, as one sin led to condemnation for all men, so one act of righteousness leads to justification and life for all men."

So you see mankind were born sinners and they don't know any different! Thousands and thousands of years living selfishly, unaware of God and His nature, etc. makes us ignorant of even sin. (This is why humanity needs law - laws in society etc. Because without the Spirit of God, we are sinners and need guidance).

So, God knows this. He knows mankind's ignorance and doesn't blame them for it.

Does He like it? NO WAYS! He HATES it!!! God hates what Hitler did to the the Jews more than we do!! He hates what a rapist does to a victim more than we do! Etc.

But! He still has a deep love for them. He knows that they don't know any better. They were probably brought up in a disgusting culture and society etc.

And God can't blame THEM for their act. He blames the society system in general.

Why doesn't He change it then?? Why doesn't He deal with it then??

Well... that's a whole different story and explanation. In a brief nutshell: He can't. He gave the Earth to us, and He cannot do anything on Earth without our permission and working with us. That's why Jesus had to come as a MAN. To restore MANKIND's authority.
Jesus then ascended into Heaven and left the job of making this world a better place up to US, His disciples. (A long story for another time) ;)

The thing is... ALL humans are made in the image of God. They are like His own children. And like any parent loves their own children, He loves His own children. He just hates their sin, and wishes they would stop it. He wishes they would come to Him, and let Him fix them up, help them out, etc.

It's a bit like a drug addict. Most parents of drug addicts LOVE their children. But no-one likes their addiction.

Now... you may be asking "well, if God loves everyone then what's the point of being a Christian? Surely it means I can do what I want, then, too?"

Well, ever heard the phrase "to him is given much, much is required"?

It's kind of like that. We are blessed and privileged enough to know this Glorious Gospel of what God is like have a responsibility to
A) Tell people that there is a God who loves them and wants to save them from a life of self-destruction
B) Change the world by stewarding its resources, treating it the way Jesus would've treated it, and educating others to do the same.

There is another key in all this...

New birth. Being "born again". Which could also be a LONG explanation...
But basically... when Adam & Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, they died spiritually. Their spirits (which carried the heartbeat of God) died.

This is why Jesus said "if anyone wants to experience the Kingdom of God they must be born again - born of the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but you must also be born of the Spirit." (John 3:5-6)

When someone has a hunger and desire to know what God their Creator is like, and respond to His Love for them (through the Gospel - however that may look) they get "born again". They get the gift of God's spirit birthed inside of them.
This Spirit can NEVER die out. Ever! They become spiritually connected to God forever! (This is how we will live forever in Heaven - we are spirit beings)

The Bible says that when we get born-again, we get the Laws of God written on our hearts. In other words... the WAYS of God are placed inside of us, and all of a sudden we have a new love for other people, for animals, the planet, we feel responsibility, we feel compassion, we feel Love.

If someone isn't born again, God still loves them unconditionally... but their spirit isn't alive yet, and they don't yet have God's ways flowing through them from the inside. There may well be a remnant passed down from Adam & Eve, because, like all mankind, they too were originally designed in God's image. But there is more than just a remnant! There is an opportunity for the God-kind-of-life to flow through their veins and feel and experience Life to the Full! And that comes through the gift of the Holy Spirit.

So there you go!

This definitely doesn't explain everything. But gives it in a nutsh ell. That God DOES love those people, but hates their actions, and is hoping we would rise up and do something about this planet's mess. (Which is what we as mankind are doing!)

I hope this helps and explains a little about where God stands in His view toward humanity and their disgusting ways.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to shoot!
I have a feeling this is going to open a can of worms though. But hey, I'm open-minded and ready for the questions. ;)

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