Glory & Grace, Durban 2011 - Diary 3

James Preston Reply 7:39 AM
This post may just be a little shorter than the other 2 thus far, as there is a little less to share about, to be honest.  I unfortunately had to leave just after Rob started preaching as I had to do one of my friend's weddings.  So I wasn't able to hear the rest of what seemed to be a mighty meaty Message!

Diary 3 of course should cover Saturday, and Saturday's sessions were only scheduled from 9am to 1pm.  So naturally this diary should be a little shorter.  Although look out for most posts coming as this morning (Sunday) we have Fini de Gersigny sharing and tonight Rob wraps it all up with a celebration service.  Everyone is expectant.

That is one thing that makes conferences such as these so special... the expectancy level of those that attend.  These aren't conferences that churches force their members to go to, no.  These conferences are usually discovered by hungry people over the internet, newspaper, word of mouth etc. and people do everything they can to get there.  So when they come, they are hungry!  And what that does to the atmosphere is revolutionary.  It reminds me of the upper room.  Most would have heard that the earliest disciples numbered around 500, but only about 120 were in the upper room when Holy Spirit was poured out.  Those 120 were the hungry ones!  They weren't after anything else but the Promise of Jesus!  Friends, Jesus has promised us some mighty, mighty things for things! (Just have a look at John 14:12) and I won't settle for anything less!

The morning exploded out of expectancy in the front (I like to worship right up in the front!  I just find the atmosphere a little bit more charged because like-minded people are around me!)  and Fini and Isi launched us into a praise party of epic proportions!  It was a dancing fiasco as we celebrate our King turning our water (old selves) into Wine (New Selves) and the angels and Holy Spirit were so enjoying it with us as we all celebrated together!  Like a Mighty River flowing, it flowed from celebration to intimate worship, as most of us in the room found ourselves on the floor before our King, pouring our hearts out to Him.  So deep and intimate!

Rob must've got up on stage about an hour and a half later, and continued to pour out his heart to our King and Lover, Jesus.  It was Gloriously Special.

There was a real prophetic charge coming through and Glenda shared a word that many people were about to have great gates of opportunities be opened to them.  She saw people being given passports, authorising them to go into places of significance declaring the Kingdom of God.  A real commissioning took place.

After praying for this commissioning, another commissioning took place.  Rob called forward a few people who were being ordained as elders in some local churches, as well as a family who were planting a church in Umhlanga.  Rob, Glenda, Fini and Isi, as well as a few other leaders from the local churches represented laid hands on these people and commissioned them and released them into their office of eldering and leadership.  It was a joyful celebration of new leaders being raised up, but having said that, most of them were knocked down under the Weighty Presence of the Lord!  :-)

The prophetic words and praying for and ordaining leaders took us through to a short tea break.  And then Rob got straight into the heart of what he wanted to say.  And from the short amount of time that I was there to hear it, it would seem as though that was "that our commission as children of God is to usher in the Kingdom and order of Heaven, pushing back the kingdom of darkness gripping this world so tightly."  As mentioned, I was only there for about 15 minutes before I had to leave, but to be very honest with you, it seemed as though it could've been one of Rob's most powerful sermons of the week!

He was getting into the Sovereignity of our Mighty God, and His Power in creation, but He handed to authority and rulership of this planet over to us in the garden of Eden, where we handed it to satan.  Rob then explained that Jesus had to come as a man to redeem us from what we put ourselves under, in order for mankind to once again have legal authority to overthrow the powers of darkness.  Which is now our commission; to go into all the world and preach the Kingdom of God.

It is a powerful message and one that gets me so excited.  It is the kind of vision that I live for!  I honestly live for one purpose; and that is to see the Kingdom of Heaven be established here on Earth.  I truly believe Jesus left us here on Earth empowered by the Holy Spirit to carry out His commission of discipling ALL nations.  So such a message is one that excites every cell in my body!  I will just have to download the sermon or get the DVD!

By the way, if you would like to download the sermons, I will post a link to them once they are up on my Twitter and Facebook pages.  And if you would like to order the DVD Box set you can do so for $40.  Just email me and we can send you copy.

That was it for me for Saturday.  I had to painstakingly pull myself away from the preaching early on, but there is still so much more to come!  At least I was able to soak up the Glory of the Lord in the beautiful surrounds of the African Bush, at Tala Game Reserve where the wedding was held...

I better grab myself some breakfast and get going to church, as Fini will be setting the place on Fire this morning!  Until next time...  GRACE AND PEACE ON YOU ALL!

Glory & Grace, Durban 2011 - Diary 2

James Preston 1 7:23 AM
It's Saturday morning and I am already getting that feeling when you know a good thing is coming to an end.  Although we probably have at least 2 power-packed sessions awaiting us today and 2 equally powerful services tomorrow (Sunday).  But here we are...  Saturday morning.  The majority of the conference is behind us.

By now hundreds of people would have been given fresh vision from God for their lives; or set free from guilt and condemnation into the Glorious Freedom of being a Son or Daughter of God; or been healed of a critical disease.  God has done so much already.

Yesterday started off with the weather deciding to defy the weather predictions of my most trusted weather forecaster; AccuWeather.  What was meant to start off sunny was in fact a downpour of heavy rain that didn't stop for most of the day!  But it didn't stop the people from making their way to Highway to hear what Rob Rufus or Fini de Gersigny had to say that day.

Rob shared for most of the day, taking the first 2 morning sessions and next 2 afternoon sessions.  He took us through most of his history as a pastor from 1981 all the way through to where he is today.  Taking us on a journey of being bound by religion, a revelation of faith, the countless opportunities he's had to pray for the sick, and focussed mostly on the "anointing" Presence of God.  Stating the difference between praying for the sick from the "anointing" and praying for the sick from authority.

They were deeply impacting sessions as the Holy Spirit was tangibly present throughout them.  Mostly because I believe He loves to confirm His Message and so comes in to make His Presence known to those hearing about Him.

It truly was a privilege to listen to Rob impart of their 30 years Glenda and him have been pastors, what they've learnt, and what they've inherited throughout those 30 years.  As we were listening, we felt as if God was imparting to us those years of history and learning and we were being quickened to the same level of understanding and revelation.  And immense privilege that keeps one humbled.  It actually confirmed what God spoke to Rob in his early years, where God said to Rob that if he continued to go after Him, and learn and draw all he can from the leading of the Holy Spirit, God would bless other people in his latter years with the same gifting, experience and anointing in only a matter of hours.  Friday the 29th of July was a fulfillment of that prophecy.  (I say "a" because I am sure he will continue to impart for years to come!)

And the evening session...  Worship was just downright electric!  Fini and Isi with their son Jordan on drums led us into intimate, deep places with God that every human being longs for!  They are moments you will remember for all your life.  Again, the Power of God was so tangible people were crying, laughing hysterically, crumbling under the weight of His Manifest Glory, and receiving greater outpourings of the Spirit and Love of God!  I personally found myself at one stage completely unable to stand and all that was left to give in to the Full Weight of His Glory as I crashed into the chairs behind me!  The Lord continued to release Powerful Heavenly Voltage through my body as He spoke to me about some significant opportunities to come.  God was encountering His people like this throughout the entire room during this powerful time of worship and adoration!

It must've lasted well over an hour, maybe even 2, but who really knows (or cares) when God is tangibly present?

Isi then got up and released a prophetic word for the sons of God in this significant hour in history.  She shared a message about the "Age of Innocence".  That we are a prophetic people called to release people from guilt, shame and the bondages that come with that into the innocence of the Lord!  She was stirring up the prophetic voice in every child of God to speak boldly and with courage, and inviting them to partner with God in seeing those lives transformed.

It was wild.  It always is at times such as these.  But it was a holy wild.  God's Spirit was touching people and opening their spiritual eyes throughout her preaching.  It was clearly evident!  But there was a holy focus and intent on people as they listened in to what the Lord was releasing through Isi that night.

The night ended with an invitation for prayer for fresh Rivers of Heaven's Wine to be poured out over people.  Someone, I think it was Steve Wheeler, said if you want that prayer, come up on stage.  I am not sure how good an idea that was as the entire stage was packed!  Fini's face was one of "uh-oh!  HOW are we going to do this?"  Hahaha!  They managed just fine and again God continued to pour out His Fire on people in dynamic and transformational ways.  It continued for me too, as God was releasing new purposes, new dreams and new insight over so many people that night.

Eventually the time came for me to get going...  10h30pm!  Usually meetings like that finish before 10pm allowing people to grab a coffee or visit the bookshop.  That wasn't happening as the coffee and bookshops remained dead quiet while people were caught up in the Heavenly realm!  When I left, there was still about half of the crowd there absolutely lost in Heaven and not wanting to move.  It is times like those that I am thankful our full-time security guard works on the property, and that he is such a patient and humble man!  I thanked him and his team profusely when I left!

And now today...  The final "official" day of the conference (although still great services tomorrow) and there is still so much to be done in people's lives and in our city!  I cannot wait.

Don't forget you can follow some updates with quotes from the sessions on my Twitter account and see some photos of the day on my Facebook.

Until the next entry...

Glory & Grace, Durban 2011 - Diary 1

James Preston Reply 7:11 AM
Night one down. And already we feel completely overwhelmed and soaked in the Love of Heaven!  Because that is what these kind of things are all about...  the Love of Heaven.  Everywhere I go I am seeing and hearing about the "Love Revolution" that is sweeping the Earth.  Friends of mine in New Zealand, preachers from Canada, Bethel and Bill Johnson, Israel Houghton, Andrew Wommack, Rob Rufus!  They are all saying the same thing...  we are in a "Love Revolution."  And any person with even the slightest inclining toward what Heaven is up to can pick up that that is what is stirring in Heaven.

And last night was no different.  Rob got straight into the Glory and Grace, Durban, 2011 conference with the emphasis of the Character and Nature of God... that it is His Love that makes Him so Glorious, so Powerful, so full of Light.  That Light is His Love.

We had been on the move all week, even giving up a pastor's "holy day" and coming into work on Monday!  But with some amazing new staff and four incredible Interns this time around, the workload has been so much more manageable and it really all has been a breeze.

By Wednesday evening we had 850 people officially registered for the conference, and we were ready to complete everyone's registrations by allowing them to come in and collect nametags to get in.  By Thursday late-morning, the day of the conference, we had just under 900 official registration!  And registration was meant to close on Monday!  But by 6:30pm on Thursday evening, we had another 60 people pay at the door, meaning we were at complete capacity just under 1000 people!  People are hungry for Grace!

Besides my few technical glitches with video feeds and the like, it all went off smoothly, and by 7:15pm Fini and Isi were rocking us into the Glory Realm as 1000 people jumped and danced with holy anticipation for God to once more break into our lives and do what He does best!

Once again, as is so often the case with Fini and Isi, the worship time was completely "off the chain", glorious, indescribable!  (I truly am at a loss of adjectives!)  But we are talking thick Heavenly atmosphere as every heart in the room was fixated on the Person and Beauty of Jesus, singing a new song with the angels in Heavenly tongues.  There were moments when you could physically feel the Presence of Light and Love Himself in the room with us.  And this was confirmed when Rob got up with his opening statement of Glory and Grace 2011:  "A few minutes ago, I saw Light physically enter the building."

And that was the start!  Everyone knew this was going to be something special.  Another moment Heaven would look upon and say "at that time, God stirred something great in Durban."

Rob went on to share what he has been up to over the past year or so, and just giving God the praise and thanks for all the opportunities he's had; like being given the privilege of preaching with Bill Johnson next year; preaching to the entire nation in the Philippines on national TV; preaching "A Christian Cannot Lose Their Salvation" on God TV; and so many other significant moments!  Testifying to the Goodness of God and how preaching this Glorious Gospel has opened so many doors!

He then felt to go into a bit of "correction"... which, to be honest, made me a bit nervous.  Since coming to a revelation of this Glorious Gospel for myself some years ago, I have often (if not always) found that when a preacher veers from their focus and feels the need to correct, the "anointing" seems to lift.  (Which is strange because we know under "Grace" we shouldn't talk like that etc.)

But not this time...  Rob was very gentle in his approach of a small subject he felt to touch on for a brief moment.  And that was the "institution" of church.  With the revelation of Grace, a number of people the world over have come to a place where they feel the church is far too institutionalised and in order to get back to our roots in the early church we should simply go back to organic meetings of brothers and sisters in the Kingdom.

Like I say, I was a bit nervous, but my word my nervousness was allayed when Rob came across in such Love and got his short message of "correction" across clearly and with a lot of sense.  And while I have heard a few sides of the debate, I tend to agree with Rob that we can still have organised church but with a culture of family and love passionate for Freedom.  Personally I feel it all comes down to leadership, a great book to read for this argument, especially those already in church leadership, would be "Culture of Honor" by Danny Silk at Bethel Church, Redding, California.

After his intro of testifying to the doors God had opened up in the last year and a short word of "re-alignment" (a better description in my opinion), Rob got into the real heart of his point laying the perfect foundation for remaining 3 days of what is going to be an incredible conference!  Rob shared a message that I am hearing everywhere I go and look at the moment.  He shared the importance of understanding our new identity, and seeing ourselves the way God sees us.

Comparing us to Gideon, we so often look at ourselves believing we are unworthy or unqualified to "disciple nations", "bring Heaven to Earth", "prophesy" (whatever it may be!)  But it is not how we see ourselves that matters, it is how God sees us.  God sees us from the perspective of Heaven; regarding no man according to the flesh, perfect, righteous, strong and powerful in Him!

It was such a potent reminder of who we have become in Christ, and the more we identify ourselves with the resurrection of Jesus we we will find out who He truly has made us to be in the spirit!

The atmosphere grew more and more charged, full of faith and tangible with electric hunger for more of God to consume us and reveal more of who He has made us to be!  It was then that Rob asked us all to stand and join hands, praying for each other, worshipping the King, allowing Jesus to reveal the Power of what He has done in and through us.  Rob asked Christian Holmes (I think it's Holmes) to come and sing a song he wrote called "Holy Fire Burn In Us" and it was a glorious celebration of what we can accomplish with the One of Fire on the very inside of us!

The night ended on such a high note no one wanted to go home, but considering it was almost 10pm, it seemed fitting we all got a decent night's sleep ready for the next day full of no less than 7 preaches declaring the Power of the Gospel!

I left the building at around 10:30pm and there were still around 100 people left in the building soaking up the sweet Presence of the Lord.  It was such a glorious night.  And it was only session 1!  There is still so much more to come, as you can sense that God is going to build on what Rob had laid in this first session.

I will keep you posted throughout the conference.  Those updates may not be as comprehensive as this one, we will just have to see how much time I have!  You can also get short updates via my Twitter and Facebook.

Until the next post...  Know that God is for you; He has called you; and He has made you!!

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