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James Preston 3 10:05 AM
As is the case with most part-time bloggers, it's been a while since I've penned something on the digital journal. Much has transpired since my last post. Many opportunities have opened up for Corinne and myself to minister this beautiful, glorious, awe-inspiring Gospel of Jesus in many different places. And for that we count ourselves privileged. For His Fame always.

We had the privilege of ministering at Dr. Dilley Nadesan's church in Newlands East, Living Word Ministries. Now, as a white South African, I don't venture into Newlands all too often. Look, it is sad, I know, but the truth. I aim to turn that around soon. But the trip itself was worth the ministry! We took an entirely wrong offramp and drove 20km into the heart of one of South Africa's largest townships... Kwa-Mashu! It was fun! I love Africa!

After eventually arriving half an hour late for the service during their time of worship, we were still able to minister God's Word with the excitement and passion that can only come from being enamored with the Gospel! It was an amazing time! The church are such a hungry bunch of people who just want the reality of Jesus! That's my kind of church! After a fun time of ministry from Corinne and myself, we proceeded to pray over each and every one of the congregation, laying hands on the sick, declaring the promises of God over His people, and loving on people. It was a wonderful morning. One of those days you will keep with you for the rest of your life.

Special thanks to the Nadesan family for the opportunity, and for a relationship that will continue well into the future for the sake of seeing the Kingdom of Jesus manifest on this Earth!

Gee, that was only one opportunity. We've also had opportunities to minister into Thomas More School in Kloof for their Christian Arts festival, where we saw over 40 kids put their faith in the Finished of Jesus Christ! Come on! One of the girls had never been to church in her life. She then came to one of our recent youth meetings, where she received no less than 3 direct prophetic words over her life, encountered the Love of God as she lay on the floor weeping, and when she got up her hands were smeared in a thick gold dust. She was transformed! That's the business Jesus is in... transformation of lives!

Along with all this... I am currently in the process of planning a massive Gospel Crusade into another one of Durban's massive townships: Clermont. God spoke to me very clearly almost a year ago that He loves the people of Africa, and their fields are truly white unto harvest. He said to me that we are going to see millions in the townships come to Christ as revival is going to break out on a massive scale!

He then led me to invite Keir Tayler, a man who has been seeing revival in the darkest places of Africa for over 25 years, to come and do a crusade into Clermont, one of the biggest townships in Durban. That crusade would be the catalyst to a nationwide move of God that will usher in a new era of Glory for the beautiful nation of South Africa!

So I have been meeting with pastors and community leaders in Clermont ahead of the crusade to be held in July. My flesh looks at it and says, "Oh God! What have I got myself into, how is this all going to happen?" My spirit looks at it and is jumping up and down screaming for joy! I am convinced Jesus feels the same way. So this is daunting, but exciting!

We've also had great ministry opportunities at Doone Village, a retirement estate in Pinetown, where I preached the gift of no condemnation! Oh it's awesome to see people in their 70's, 80's and 90's being set free from a life time of guilt and heavy burden. Thank You Jesus.

Just last night I had the privilege of ministering to the youth-orientated Kloof Methodist evening service. They were doing a relationships course and asked me to share on the importance of emotional connections etc. Hey, any opportunity to minister from the perspective of God's Love, Grace and Mercy and reveal His plan for relationships in all that is a winner! So that was great. They have a wonderful evening service, and I am excited to see what God is going to do at Kloof Methodist in the future. I have no doubt that we are on the verge of a worldwide revival that is going to see millions of people flock to the churches of the nations hungry for the Source of True Life! Jesus!! The Longing of the Nations!

On top of all that, Corinne and I have had the immense privilege of continuing to lead our amazing youth team, FuZion. Not only do we have the most amazing group of young people desperate for the reality of Jesus. But we have a leadership team who I am convinced have the ability to truly change the face of this Earth as we know it. To say I am privileged to lead such a team is an understatement. Just yesterday we were praying together at my father's beautiful home in Camperdown enjoying God's Goodness and declaring His promises for our city and nation! The Presence of God was so thick in that place that we actually didn't know what to do with ourselves. It was incredible. We actually had a visit from one of the neighbours asking what was going on, he was ok when I explained. Haha!


So there you go... I didn't have anything specific to Blog, so I figured I'd simply testify of God's Goodness and what He is doing in our lives. He is positioning His people for something great, friends. Be sure not to miss out. We truly are on the verge of something massive, and God is looking for those who would simply trust Him with a child-like faith. Not ask any questions, not try and figure everything out intellectually and theologically, but simply trust in His Goodness and watch the harvest come in!!

After all, JESUS is PERFECT theology! When He comes, that's all you need!

For the Fame of His Name always.


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