Making Life Glorious

James Preston Reply 1:16 PM
Gloria Jeans. One of South Africa's few consistent espresso franchises. It is so hard to find decent espresso in this country. That is, if you're looking in the scratchpatches of South African eatery franchises. Wimpy's bean blend is beautiful. But their baristas let them down. Mugg n Bean has its days. Vida E are on the rise. For those willing to dig a little deeper, one can find some perfectly poured cappuccino in some of Africa's finest individual coffee shops. In fact, according to Gloria Jeans operational manager, 6 of South Africa's top 10 cappuccinos are made in Durban's such shops. But franchises?

You want consistency when you go to a franchise. That's why you always stop at Wimpy for a burger on a roadtrip. You know what you're going to get. (Or what to avoid - for the health conscious). But coffee? That is another story. Gloria Jeans on the other hand? There's just not enough of them in our country. Probably because of their franchise rules and prices, but that's another blog.

 I'm sat in one of Gateway's 3 Gloria Jeans as the river of Saturday shoppers stream by. And the phrase just elegantly peeking its head out from above the perfectly consistent foam? "Making it Glorious". Capital G. Coincidence? I think not.

 Life is Glorious. No matter what you're going through. It's all a matter of perspective. How you view the world affects you a whole lot more than what you're actually viewing. Forgive the oft repeated cliche. But sometimes cliches become cliches due to their truth.

 As I finish that paragraph, I look up, and before is a shoe shop: "Mia". It's slogan reads "a new creation". Make that 2 coincidences. In the space of 25 minutes.

It's amazing how glorious life can be when you stop and feel. Stop and feel. With your spirit. Jesus recreated you a spirit being with feelings and emotions that go deeper than consciousness. Some of those feelings include hurt and pain. Unfortunate realities of living in the midst of a recovering world. But amidst the hurt and pain lies inexpressible beauty, joy and happiness.

He lives in you. He wants to feel the joys and happiness of this world with you.

 Stop and feel. With Him. It makes life so much more Glorious. With a capital "G".

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