History's Finest Hour

Anonymous Reply 4:49 PM
Well, since the conference "Increasing Glory", I have not had much free time on my hands. And right now, as I sit at my laptop at home, the same applies. So I'll make this short.

I just wanted to enter this one into cyber space...

We are entering history's finest hour.

Sure, we are currently facing some of the greatest disasters and tragedies ever seen by man. But to quote one of my most admired films... "The night is darkest before the dawn." Oh how true that is.

The stars are most clear in the darkest environment. God is releasing His stars upon the earth in a way this planet has never before seen or experienced. And I DO NOT want to miss out! If it means keeping my criticisms to myself, so be it! I welcome anyone that comes in the name of bringing God glory. The church is rotting with infighting.

For crying out loud! One of the world's greatest theologians, RT Kendall is open to the move of God that he watched a tattoo covered crazy man in Todd Bentley for weeks on end! (Note: I have nothing against Todd. I love him, and pray for his restoration)

But my point is, if the great DR RT Kendall can be open to that which so many are so careful, how much more should we!?

I leave with a quote off DR RT's website...

"A genuine Awakening is coming to the Church." (Capitals as quoted)

Man oh man! I could quote his entire website. But I won't. I'll leave that for another day. Until then, chew on that...

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