What Are The Main End-Time Theories?

James Preston Reply 1:23 PM
This one's for my "Christian friends"... Have you always held to the view that we're going to get raptured (magically translocated to Heaven) one day while all our "non-Christian" friends (who God loves more than we do!) are going to stay behind and deal with absolute treachery spearheaded by some arb One-World Leader?

You DO realise this is only ONE of four primary interpretations of the "End Times", right?

The other three don't come anywhere NEAR this theory. And these other three theories have support from the likes of Martin Luther, John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards and Justin Martyr respectively.

This more popular-held theory of "sudden rapture-me-away" is only really supported by modern preachers who don't really have a good track record as scholarly theologians.

I'm not telling you what I believe. (Yet.) But I just wanted to educate you that there ARE other theories on the End-Times.

A GREAT start would be to read this fine summary of the Four Primary Theories... http://morechrist.blogspot.com/2011/06/four-main-end-times-theories.html 

At the end of the day, I do believe this:
Jesus IS coming back. There will be some kind of Judgment Day. We will live forever with Jesus.

If that invokes fear, then you don't know my God like I do. "There is no fear in Love". (1 John 4:18)

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