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James Preston Reply 1:59 PM
I am really excited to release a new feature on my Blog: Video Blogs! Yes I know, everyone's doing it. But we need a sensible voice among the crazies-with-no-time-on-their-hands, right? I hope so.

Coming out of my Sonic Substance Leadership Podcast I've been running for the past 5 years, I am excited to introduce this feature onto my personal YouTube Channel. The aim is to provide resource material very similar to what I provide here on my Blog.

Many of these Video Blogs will be via Interviews, very much like what you've seen on SonicSubtance.com.

My first JamesPreston.org Video Interview is perfectly suited for this avenue. It's all about Entrepreneurship. Something I am deeply passionate about to see South Africa (and Africa) advance!

And so, what better way to do that than with one of South Africa's brightest young Entrepreneurs, Mike Stopforth?

I found Mike online by Googling something over 6 years ago. I've followed him on Facebook and Twitter ever since. I've since cultivated a bit of an online acquaintanceship with him, and he was kind enough to oblige me an interview late last year.

This interview will inspire you and give you valuable insight into what it takes to start and grow a business in our current economic climate, and our interesting sociological future.

If you enjoy the Interview, please be kind enough to share it, like it, and comment with your thoughts!

For those of you reading this via email, you can click here to go to the YouTube Page of the Interview.

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