"Christ" - a Poem inspired by the Internet

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I am part of a fantastic initiative of Tech Students in New York called "The Listserve". They ask people to add their Email address to their database, and then every day one lucky user gets to send out an email to everyone on the list not more than 500 words long (or so). With over 24,000 people signed up from all over the world each day's email provides for fantastic reading and fun. I've shared postcards with people, made Twitter friends, even had a coffee appointment with a Joburger because of it! So if you're not on The Listserve, be sure to check out:

One of the Listserve Emails that came through on the 15th of January was from a lady who had the idea of setting up a nifty Word Association game, where those who responded to her email would be added to a list of people that could take part. You can check out the contributions so far here:
and check out the words used since she started it here:

I wrote that I wanted to take part way back in January, and then didn't hear anything back and forgot about it. But today I got an email to say that it was my turn! Almost 6 months later!

I could add anything "short" to the game like a poem, video, soundclip, image, all based on my contributed word.

The word last used was "kill". So I used "Christ". And came up with the following poem for my contribution:

"Christ" - by James Preston
Time split in two, 
for me and for you. 
Sinful humanity that day was killed, 
as the Blood of our sacrificial lamb 
was spilled.

And so now someone else on the list will use my word "Christ" and add their word and their contribution. I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

So there you go! Just another clear example of how the internet promotes creativity.

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