Jean Deysel Red Card Meme

James Preston Reply 2:05 PM
So many of you know that I am a passionate Sports Fan. And a passionate Sharks Rugby fan. Every big game, usually a rugby game, I lose a few Twitter followers because people realise just how much I love sport, and love to express my passion on Social Media. I can literally see them unfollowing. It's an amazing thing.

So anyway... today the Sharks beat the best team in the history of Southern Hemisphere rugby in their own back yard, where they (the Sharks) have NEVER won before. In over 15 years! But that's not all! On top of all the stats being against us, one of our best players was RED carded. Yes, RED carded.

And, unlike what everyone predicted, we bounced back and played with more heart than I have ever since the Sharks play. With 14 men on the field! But to top it all off, the Ref seemed to constantly blow crazy calls against us. So, the opportunity was there for this Meme...

Jean Deysel the player red carded, and his captain Bismarck Duplessis tries to encourage him.

We won! 30-25. An absolutely phenomenal result!

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