Increasing Glory Conference Diary

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It is here! It is now 24 hours to the kickoff of Increasing Glory 2009! I have decided to run a digital diary during the conference, sharing some of my experiences, as well as thoughts and testimonies of others attending.

We start with Sunday, the 5th of July. Fini and Isi de Gersigny ministered at both the morning and evening services. During worship on Sunday morning, a very strong smell of freshly baked bread filled the building. It was incredible. Jesus was manifesting Himself as the "Living Bread". He was getting the attention of His people, inviting them to come and eat of Him. (John 6). For me personally, I was unfortunately distracted by a few things, and feel like I missed out a bit.

Sometimes you just know when you didn't get everything God was doing. I have often prayed to God during times of prayer and worship, "Lord, I want everything that you have made available to us Your children here on earth. Everything."

I don't know about you, but I am not satisfied with "average". David tells us in Psalm 34:8 to "taste and see that the Lord is good." God is a loving Father who wants to lavish His Love upon us, and it is a Love that can be experienced.

So, on Sunday morning I came away amazed at what God had done, but also aware that I didn't experience everything He had in store for His people. Primarily due to distractions. What those were, I won't go into. But it is amazing how easily we are distracted from what God is doing. If we are to worship our King with reckless abandon, we need to put aside everything that we are thinking, and put all our attention and focus on Him. It is in that place that He will meet us. He dwells among the praises of His people.

Aware of this, I came to the Sunday evening service hungrier, knowing God was going to continue what He had started in the morning service. I made a decision to not allow anything to distract me and take my attention off Him, and instead, worship Him recklessly, soaking up everything He was doing.

Oh man! How He honours His children!

The time of musical worship was incredible. The Spirit of God was among us, as people were touched by His Presence. Isi shared a testimony that was deeply encouraging, creating a hunger in people for more of God. Toward the end of her testimony, Isi had a prophetic word for Catherine Clark, one of our worship leaders. This opened up a flow of the Spirit!

There was then a call for those with (or those who desired) a creative ability. Artists of all kinds. These artists in the church stood in response to prophetic call. I was one of them. Immediately I felt the Presence of Holy Holy. (Isi's wonderful and accurate reference to the Holy Spirit)

From there, we went into a time of song and as we worshipped God, He showered His love upon us. It was then that I personally began to feel the Presence of God like I have never felt in my life. I have always been open to the move of the Holy Spirit, and have always hungered for His Presence in my life. Always aware that we don't chase after experiences. We chase God Himself. But also aware that a relationship with God is one that is rich in experience.

I began to feel the Weight of the Presence of God. It was like He was surrounding me with a cloud of His Presence. I then felt so heavy under His Presence that I was knocked to the ground. The way in which it happened was a first for me in my life! There is no other way to describe it but as Glorious! I then spent the next 30 mins under His Awesome cloud of Glory as He filled me with His Love and Presence. It was radical. Moments of tears. Moments of laughter. Heavenly moments. I was "tasting the goodness of God."

Dozens of others were touched by the Glory of God! And this was only Sunday. Bring on Wednesday morning, and the rest of the week! This is truly going to be a Glorious time as God meets His people with Holy Fire from Heaven with purpose. God always sends His Fire with purpose. People are going to shine with the Face of God as they are transformed with ever increasing Glory into the Image of His Son, so that the world may see His Glory, and so too be restored to relationship with their Father!

I am hungry for more of God! If I am to represent Him here on earth, I am going to need all that He has made available to His people here on earth.

Until the next diary entry... seek Him with all your heart! Hunger after Him and you will be filled!


Can we come to the Friday night session?

Gods magnificent glorious tangible presence is so awesome !! through this conference, I can feel it is completely changing me burning inside my very bones!!. Life will never be the same, now I know how to tap into his glory.

Anonymous Post author July 9, 2009 at 6:03 PM

Hey Brad! Isn't our God awesome? It is just so simply, hey? He has made it so easy for His people to enter into His Presence. Keep going for it bro. Stand strong for Him, and may He shine His face upon you with every increasing Glory!

To anonymous... read the end of my 2nd Digital diary entry about attending the conference.

Til another time...


Anonymous Post author July 9, 2009 at 6:04 PM

Man the spelling is good here, James. Sorry folks. :-)

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