A Letter To Sir Thomas Crickett (1971 - 2014)

James Preston Reply 7:30 AM
Dear Thomas,

I can't believe you're gone. You are way too young and have way too much ahead of you to leave us now. One thing I'm pretty sure of, Daddy didn't take you home. There is no ways He would've taken you home and left your beautiful family without you. That's not Dad. Why you went and why you didn't come back will always be one of those mysteries that I can't wait to find out from Daddy Himself on the other side of this life.

Everyone is shocked down here. Everyone. It has rocked us to the core. People like you aren't meant to die. Not now, at least!

We realise how fragile life is. The frailty of our humanity. Life is a gift that could be robbed from us at any time. And should be appreciated as often as possible.

But the sad reality is that the busyness of life gets the better of us. We get caught up in the rat race and too often forget to appreciate the moments that really count.

Your passing rattles us into an acute awareness of how important human connection and communication is. Because now that you're gone, we won't get another chance to do so until the next life.

You have unwittingly and unintentionally awakened us to what really counts. We will do more of what actually matters in life in honour of your memory.

I remember the last time I saw you. You were with your beautiful wife Nicci at the Pavilion Shopping Centre in Westville. I was having coffee with a church member, who was in deep conversation at the time. You guys didn't see me, and I thought about shouting out to you and saying "hi". But thought we were all busy and that we'd catch up another time before you left for England again. Alas we didn't. Now all I wish is that I had just screwed the busyness and said "hi"! I'm so so sorry.

Tom, you left an imprint on everyone who knew you. The phrase going around in the dust cloud of this shock is that you were "larger than life". It's the catchphrase because it's true. You really were larger than life.

There is no doubt that you were one of the naturally funniest people anyone could ever meet. You had a personality that infected the atmosphere, and people felt your presence long after you had left. Just as the fragrance of your presence will linger with everyone who had the pleasure of meeting you. Their memories of your personality will never be lost.

Tom, this Earth is going to miss you while you're gone. None more so than your beautiful family. We pray that Holy Spirit would give Nicci, Noa Joy and Elijah supernatural Peace and Comfort in this devastating pain. It can only be supernatural.

Thomas, we love you. And will miss you. And are just so so sorry for so many reasons that you're gone. I know that you're in the Best Place in the Universe right now. But I have a feeling you are shedding a tear for your wife and kids. Keep praying for them. They're going to miss you.

May we honour your memory by living life to the fullest.

We're gonna miss you, man.

Love James

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