James Preston Interviewed on the Low-Carb Conversations Podcast!

James Preston Reply 7:19 AM
I love the internet! Don't you love the internet? I have met so many great people through Twitter and Blogging. Not much on Facebook, because Facebook is for friends and people you already know. But Twitter, Blogs, and other Networks are a fantastic opportunity to reach across cultural and national divides and connect with people we never would have been able to. I have met some amazing people and have fantastic relationships thanks to the internet.

This interview is one such opportunity. Ever since Blogging about my discovery and experience of "Low Carb High Fat", I have entered an entire, worldwide community of people who are on the same journey of exciting discovery that "Fat is not bad"! I even had a wonderful dialogue with a brilliant woman from Croatia who reached out to me through the Blog. I love it.

One of the Industry Leaders in the "low carb conversation" is Jimmy Moore. And I was introduced to him through Twitter. We got chatting, and I was privileged enough to get invited onto his weekly Podcast entitled just that: "Low Carb Conversations".

I have since met Dietitian Cassie who co-hosts the show, and runs it in Jimmy's absence while he writes his next book "Keto Clarity" (revealing the truth about Ketosis and debunking myths).

I was interviewed by Dietitian Cassie and Liz Wolfe on May 30th, along with another low-carb author Mary Jo Koplos, where we discussed things like...
- The amount of carbs in our Pet's food and what it is doing to them
- The amount of fat Polar Bears eat and its effect on their health
- The truth about the "organic food" industry
- The dangers of sugar addiction
- The health benefits of coconut oil

It was a great interview, and I really was privileged to be part of the show. Dietitian Cassie, Liz Wolfe and Mary Jo are each doing fantastic work, and it really is a delight for me to be part in some small way in what they are doing.

Do yourself a favour, and head on over to the page, where you can either listen to it online (very light on bandwidth) or you can download the audio file and put it on your iPod to listen to later.

Click the link below --->


Big thanks to Dietitan Cassie and Jimmy Moore for having me on the show. I had a blast and can't wait to do it again!

Until next time folks, be sure to follow these great people for more Low-Carb insights!


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