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Hi. I'm James Preston, a Durban-based Blogger, Pastor, Radio Journalist, Entrepreneur and Philosopher hungry to help you find your place in changing the world.

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  3. ...with ideas as to how you can find your place in changing the world.
  4. ...by encouraging you that you have a Heavenly Father who is behind you all the way, and has given you everything you need to get on with the job of changing the world, and He will never let you go!
  5. ...with basic ideas and principles that will help you be a better you; spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and physically. When you are operating at maximum, the more world you can get on with changing!
These 5 ways of helping you are covered in the categories of Faith, Philosophy, Health, Interviews, Entrepreneurship, Miscellaneous, South Africa, and on occasion, Movies and Sport.

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Here is a list of my personal favourite Blog Posts I've written to date:
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Spiritual Blog of 2013!

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