JamesPreston.Org Wins SA Blogger of The Year 2013 for Spirituality/Religion!

James Preston 2 7:45 PM
WOW! All I can say is thank you. To every single one of you. To those of you who voted, and supported this Blog throughout the year. You are all amazing. This Blog is nothing without people reading it, and so for that I have to say "thank you". From the bottom of my heart.

The moment I heard about the SA Blog Awards way back in 2010, it became a dream of mine to win one. At the beginning of this year, 2013, I made the decision to get "serious" about my Blogging, and set a goal to win an award. I didn't really have much power other than writing a new Blog Post as often as I could. In this case, once a week. Come hell or high water, I did that. I posted whatever I could, whatever was on my heart or mind, and made sure you had something inspirational to read each week. I saw the audience grow, and I was delighted.

I had a feeling I may be in for a Top 3 in my category of the awards, but when I saw my name in the "winner" block, I was stunned! Overjoyed! Absolutely pumped!

All I can say right now is that this is a testament to the power of dreams, the power of setting goals, and the power of doing all within your power to see those dreams achieved. And trust me, if I didn't win this year, I would not have given up. But I was favoured enough to win in my first year of entry. I thank you.

And of course I have to thank my Dad. Who is just awesome beyond words. Who gave me a passion to write, a gift to write and think, and an opportunity and audience to convey those thoughts to. He is awesome beyond words.

Thanks again everyone. This is "our" SA Blog Award!


Congrats. Finally a Christian won over atheism...
Some good common sense into the South African faith.
Don't forget to maximize your influence for greater good of others.

Hey Maurice! Thanks so much for the kind words. I will indeed heed your encouragement to use any added influence for good. Trust me. ;)

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Spiritual Blog of 2013!

Spiritual Blog of 2013!

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