3 Reasons Why I Don't Tithe, and 3 Reasons Why I Do

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Every month, I give 10% of my income to the local church congregation I am happily committed to. On top of that 10%, I also give wherever I can to those I feel are in need and that Holy Spirit tells me to, which averages my giving out to about 15% of my income each month. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less.


1. Because I am mandated to do so.
I do not give this 10% because the Bible mandates it. Under the New Covenant, I am not under the mandatory Law of tithing my income to anyone, not even the Lord Himself. At the Cross Christ abolished The Law and all requirements to gain righteousness and its subsequent blessings. God was, is and remains pleased with me and blesses me 100% based on Christ's performance on my behalf, all because He loves me.

2. Because I fear I won't be as blessed as if I did.
I also do not give out of fear that I might not be blessed if I held back in any way. Such a mindset contradicts numerous passages of post-Cross, New Testament Scripture. Specifically Romans 4 and 5, Galatians 3 and 4, 2 Corinthians 5:17-21. These large chunks of Scripture declare me blessed and an heir to Abraham's blessing based entirely on my faith in Christ. (Those are about the best blessings one can get!) Thus if my giving gained me further blessing from God, He would be contradicting His own declarations revealed in New Testament Scripture.

3. Because Abraham tithed.
Abraham's tithing is a good example. But again, not a principle that mandates me to do the same. The primary example of Abraham's tithe is that Abraham felt so blessed by Melchizedek (Jesus) that he couldn't help but give some back to him. In the same way I also feel so blessed by my Father God that I can't help but respond in giving His children and His congregations some of what I earn, as well. (I say "His children" because you can't exactly give anything to God, besides your free will. So instead I bless Him by blessing His children. Whether that be a local church or individuals.)


1. Because my faith is in God's blessing over my life, and not what is in my bank account.
I believe disciplined tithing is one of many fantastic methods to "test your faith". James 2:14-26 is a wonderful passage that encourages us to actually DO something about our faith. If we really believe God is good, if we really believe we are blessed in the same way Abraham was (and better as heirs with Christ!), then what are we doing to show for that belief?

One way is to do it with your money. By giving my regular 10% (which is a lot when you think about it) I am declaring to myself, my family, the spiritual realm, and the atmosphere that my trust is in God's blessing over my life (through the Finished Work of the Cross) and not in my own ability to make money. I am making a physical statement of my trust in God's goodness.

I trust His blessing over my life will cause me to make more than enough income to meet my needs (and wants) in the future so much that I don't need that extra 10% of my current income to put away for the future, or buy the extra groceries, or pay the credit card. I am blessed enough to deal with those issues in other ways. Not just by dipping in to that 10%.

Note: This doesn't mean I don't save, either. I still save, for all kinds of things. But I do so over and above the approx. 15% I give away each month. Some months I don't save as much as I would like, but that's where my trust is in God's blessing rather than my own ability to save.
This is one of the reasons I have entered the business world, because I believe His blessing over my life will cause me to be successful in business, and that success will make me more than enough money to have my future covered. ;)
If you are not in a position to start a new business venture, or don't feel called to do so (both important points!) then I encourage you to budget to save. Pray about what to give to God ('s people) and then after that, make a budget with what remains and set aside a portion to save.

2. Because Jesus is my King and He has priority
Jesus is the King everyone wants. One day He will rule the Earth with Grace and Love like no one could imagine. And He is the King of me and my family right now, before that time.

He is so gracious and loving that as King He doesn't expect any income from me at all. He doesn't expect taxes from His people. But! I know what warms His heart. And that is when I tell Him that I love Him.
(Note: I prefer to say "what warms His heart" over "what pleases Him" because He is already pleased and satisfied.)

We call this worship. Worship is simply telling Jesus you love Him. And while I do this with my mouth, my time, my actions, I also do it with my finances. He loves me whether I give or not. But I want Him to know that even when months can be tight, He is first in my family. He is always first in my family.

3. Because it helps me be free from the love of money and fear of its lack
Every time I give only 10% of my income, I am declaring that money does not have a hold on me. Especially if my budget is tight.

Economy and Currency is often described by Jews as having a spirit behind it. "The spirit of mammon". I haven't studied this enough, but I am sure we can all agree that currency can create a certain amount of fear and greed in people's minds. Whether that's spiritually motivated or jut emotions created by its presence (or lack thereof) is something I can't be sure of. But we can all agree currency does something to our emotions. And every time I give am telling my emotions who is first.

I don't need to fear a lack of money because my Dad is a good Dad and my Jesus is a good King!

I don't love money more than I love Jesus and to prove it I'll give away 10% to whoever He wants. Heck! I'll even burn it if that's what He wants!

By giving your money away, you can surpress those emotions of fear and greed that can so quickly grip your mind and envelope your entire philosophy.
You can change your philosophy to be one that believes in God's goodness by a simple prophetic act such as this.


I regularly give the 10% because I believe it requires discipline to do so. 10% is big enough to make me wish that I could use some of it, but small enough to not miss it once it's gone. Often I give more.

Here's the thing on Abraham: His story is recorded in Scripture for a reason. Abraham tithed to Melchizedek primarily because he was overwhelmed at the blessing Melchizedek gave him. And also because He recognised Melchizedek as a great and worthy King.

Abraham's heart is one that I am happy to follow. It's an honourable move by Abraham, and one that I want to continue.
Jesus is my great and worthy king, and I testify to that greatness and worthiness by giving away a portion of my income to His children and congregations.

Doing this regularly is no easy task. So I make it a discipline to do it. So no matter what comes my way, Jesus will get my 10%.

In essence I am saying: "No matter what happens Jesus, you are trusted and worthy more than anything else!" This regular discipline is fantastic prophetic act of my worship to Jesus.

Hebrews 7:8 teaches that giving financially is a way of testifying that Jesus lives, but on top of that, it also testifies to His Greatness, Goodness and Love.

I could give 5%. I could give 20%. I believe the discipline of keeping that figure as a minimum monthly (or whenever you receive your income) contribution is more important than how much that figure is.


I refer to a local congregation because technically every child of God makes up "the church". While there are many theories going around about local church etc. I do believe in local congregations that meet regularly within which genuine, beneficial relationships can be built. Our traditional culture would call this "Church".

I give to a local church because these congregations need finances to administer the various activities that encourage such relationships and feed the people spiritually. The early church in Acts took up finances to not only feed the poor but also contribute to the needs of the apostles. These finances freed the apostles up to study the Scriptures and preach them to the church and encourage them in the Good News of Christ.

I entrust my finances in their hands, and trust that they will administer them accordingly. However they see would best benefit the community.


So you see, friends, giving of your finances is far more a spiritual act than you think! Talk to God about your finances, and ask Him how He wants you to administer yours. And remember, you are "destined to Reign" no matter what you do!

What are your thoughts on Finances? Especially in light of the New Covenant?

PS: I want to dedicate this post to my uncle Grahame Lucey, who has been a wonderful encouragement to me to write such a post. He came into a revelation of the Complete Finished Work of the Cross in December 2012, and has devoured everything he can that proclaims this wonderful Good News! His journey has led him to question the common Christian's belief on finances, and he has asked me many questions around it. I have tried to write an article on my stance on Biblical finances for over 3 months, but just couldn't nail it down. Today, something sparked in my heart and was able to write this. So this one's for you, Grahame! And thank you!

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