The Science of Productivity

James Preston Reply 12:28 PM
Every week I like to have a cup of coffee (or a few) and devote some time going through popular articles on the internet.  I find most of these articles primarily through my Twitter feed, which is the great thing about Twitter; you choose the accounts that suit your interests.  I love to read about politics, philosophy, productivity, entrepreneurial stuff, theology, etc.  So when a good article (or video) pops up, I bookmark it for that personal coffee time.

This week I came across a fantastic post, just a simple video that summarises in 3 mins how to be more productive.  It is by no means exhaustive and comprehensive, but it is good enough for me to devote a blog post to it.  I wanted to share this with you on the blog, because it really is one of the best summaries of becoming productive that I have ever seen.

So give it a watch, and let me know what you think...

Do you feel like you need to get more done?  Why do you think so many people don't have enough time to get things done, these days?

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