Are You Too Busy? Some advice in half a tweet.

James Preston Reply 9:26 AM
Are you too busy?  Maybe it's because you don't really care.

I was "squizzing" through twitter recently when literally a third of a tweet hit me straight in the chest.  You know?  Where it counts.

"Too busy doesn’t exist if you really care."

The culprit was Farrah Gray.  One of America's nicest CEOs and one of the world's youngest self-made millionaires (he became a millionaire at 14!)

This man has a lot on his plate.  He is a CEO of a few companies, he continues to think up new strategies as an entrepreneur, he is a fully-booked-up Motivational Speaker, he is an author, he is a columnist, he is actively involved in social upliftment, and to top it all off he is firmly rooted in His Faith in God (something that takes time and focus!)  Oh, and he's only 28 (at the time of writing).

We all complain about not having enough time.  We all wish it was the one thing that we could multiply.  But it is the one thing we cannot control.  We cannot control time, we can only control ourselves.

And Farrah's tweet, seven simple words, sums up exactly how we should spend our lives.  Because time is the most precious commodity we have.

What do you care about?  And how much do you care about it?

Do you care about living in a good home with the "finer things in life"?  That may well be your reason for working long hours for a big corporation that pays you a good salary.

Do you care about your children, your family or your friends enough to make space for them?  Because that's the greatest gift you can give any of them.

How about the mark you leave on this world?  Do you care about the impact you can have on this life enough to give time to contributing to change?

Do you give time to equipping yourself to contributing to change?  Do you care about your health and well-being enough to make time for you?

It doesn't matter how much is on your plate.  If you care enough about something, you'll make time for it.

What do you care most about that you'll do anything to make time for?

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