Don't Be A Victim - Be Victor

James Preston Reply 7:57 AM
Happy 2013 everybody!  I hope 2012 was a good year, and you can recount some good things that came from it.  If you can't, then either you're not looking hard enough, or you really, really had the worst year ever!

Be thankful.  Look at the positives.  Cut out the negatives and forget them.  This is something that I am working on, and a mindset I am going to adopt for 2013.

2012 had a number of challenges.  There were dreams that weren't realised.  There were goals that weren't met.  There were disappointments and let downs.  But my golly, there was a lot accomplished!

Victims will focus on the disappointments.  Victors will focus on the achievements.  Don't allow yourself to be a victim.

In ministry, I meet victims often.  Victims of a poor South African government.  Victims of their past.  Victims of their parents poor choices.  Victims of the economy.  But I also meet a whole bunch of victors who achieved a surprising amount who had very similar pasts.  The difference?  The mindset.

There's a reason Bill Johnson is so strong on the point of being thankful for what God has done and is doing.  Even if you can only find one thing.  It's for this reason Bethel have become such a powerhouse for the Kingdom.  They're victors.  And they know it.  Sure they had disappointments  they had setbacks, they had letdowns.  Trust me, if you're trusting and believing for half the stuff they believe for, you're going to have a lot of letdowns!  But they just don't allow the letdowns to get to them.  That's what victors do.  They don't allow the disappointments, letdowns and challenges to get to them.

Do you know that most of the world's most successful entrepreneurs have gone into liquidation at least once?  Have you ever gone into liquidation?  No?  Be thankful!  Yes?  You could be the next successful entrepreneur!  What made those entrepreneurs successful was the fact they didn't allow the circumstances to get to them, and instead kept fighting.

What I've learnt recently is that sometimes it's not so much about focussing on the good, but rather choosing not to focus on the bad.  Consciously deciding to not allow the bad to get to you.

This year, I will not allow my circumstances to get to me.  No matter what I face.  I am making a conscious decision to brush off the disappointments and challenges, and by doing so I'm excited to experience a year of happiness and joy!

Don't be a victim of your circumstances.  Be the victor God created you to be!

Have a powerful 2013!

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