I Want You To Change the World

James Preston Reply 6:30 AM
2013 is upon us.  And it has hit hard!  It came out of nowhere, and we are already too deep in to go back, now.  As with most people, a new year is a fantastic opportunity to set new goals and try new things.  That's what I'm doing on my blog... for you!  That's right; for you!

I want to see you succeed in 2013.  It won't be easy.  For any of us.  But with a revelation of God being for you, and with a whole bunch of faith-based effort*, you'll begin to see things turn.  You may not see the fruition of new successes this year, but you need to start building your platform for success now.  It starts now.  Much like Abraham and Sarah took 7 years to conceive Isaac after God promised they would, it may take time to see your promises fulfilled.

God has inspired a vision in my heart to see you, yes you, equipped and inspired to start changing the world.  And that's what I will do on this blog once a week.  Yep, you read that correctly:  ONCE A WEEK.  One of my goals this year is to blog once a week about anything that will inspire and equip you to change the world.

So here is the first official blog on my brand new website.  I hope you like it by the way.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.  Stop wasting time and energy doing nothing.  Rise up, and do what God placed you on this earth to do:  Change the world!  Contribute to change today.  Smile at someone.  Pay for someone's groceries.  Don't honk your horn if someone cuts in front of you.  Be nice to the waiter.  Whatever it may be...  start somewhere.

Until next week...  happy "changing the world"!  And happy 2013!


* A quick note on the term "faith-based effort":  I am talking about you believing that God is for you, and that you are born for greatness...  and when you believe it, you will go out and do something about that!  I am not saying that you have to do anything in order to gain favour with God.  By what Jesus did on the Cross you are already favoured with God!  But if you don't step out in faith, you won't see that favour manifest.  So get out there and do it!

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Spiritual Blog of 2013!

Spiritual Blog of 2013!

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