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Apple Inc. have grown into quite a monopoly.  Not even a decade ago they were the computer for the creative, non-conformist.  Today, you're a non-conformist if you don't own one.

There are a number of reasons for their meteoric rise to world domination, the primary one being the iPod (see this article for how the iPod saved Apple over 10 years ago).  Another being their visionary leader, Steve Jobs, whose innovations drove Apple to the largest company in US history.  Hand in hand with their innovation came service and reliability, people knew if they bought an Apple product, chances are it wouldn't break.  And if it did, Apple would do their best to fix it, or give you a new one.

This became the warcry of Apple Fanboys everywhere, "Apple doesn't break", "it doesn't crash", "it can't get viruses".  All of those statements are actually illusions.  It's technology, something's bound to go wrong with it.  But illusions driven by a higher reality, none the less:  The reality that Apples do seem to break less than most computers, crash far less, and don't seem to get viruses.

All I want to do here is to give you a different perspective from the mainstream warcry about Apple Computers.  Provide a differing online standpoint to the seemingly infallibility of Apple.  There's that word again, seemingly.

To the general public, like my wife, Apple seems infallible.  They buy into an illusion.  Then, they won't say anything when something does go wrong with their new Apple.  Because surely theirs must be the only one!  Or worse, it was their fault!

That's how you feel with Apple.  If you don't like them, it's like you get persecuted!  I think I've received more persecution for speaking out against Apple than I have for being a Christian!  That's just sad.

The bottomline is...  Apple aren't infallible.  They do crash.  And sometimes, they do break.

I have four personal experiences outlining Apple's infallability, for the sake of this post's length, I have made it a separate post here.  If you have time to read those accounts, I'd be grateful if you dropped a comment.

But briefly, let me just say, from my experience, Apples are not perfect by any stretch of the imagine.

What I just don't understand is how they have moved into "Idol" status?  Does it have something to do with human being's tendency to self-righteousness?  Where our brand is the best brand?  What we drive is the best car?  What team we support is the best team?  What political party we support is the best political party?  I fear so.

You see, the thing is, Apple is just another piece of technology.  Sure, it's some good technology, I'll gladly give it that in public.  Hey, I'm even writing this blog on my new Mac!  Why didn't I go PC?  Because I have spent the last 3 years of my working life using a Mac, and hey, it did work for me, I had no problem getting a new one.  But my point is that like all technology, it has more than its fair share of flaws.  In fact, like all other man-made items on this planet.  Everything we have created is flawed.  Now there's a philosophical thought if ever there was one.

Apple is no different.  Their products are flawed.  And if they're not careful, their market domination is going to be seriously challenged in the next decade.  (Check this BBC article for a sobering analysis of where Apple are at).

All I wish is that my fellow friends would just chill on the self-righteous attitude that makes you feel inferior when you suggest an alternative.  If you own a PC, good for you.  If it works, even better for you.  If it doesn't, good luck.  I'll do my best not to say anything.

At the end of the day, we're all equal before God.  That's all that matters.

Do you own an Apple product?  Do you think they're the best thing since sliced bread?  Do you think Apple will maintain their market domination within the next decade?  Post your thoughts and join the conversation!

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