Limitless in 2012 - Part 5

James Preston Reply 9:03 AM
Well, here we are!  At the end of 2012's first week, and the end of the Limitless challenge.  Do you see how quickly the weeks go by?  Multiply this by 51 and you will be in 2013.  That is fast!

As I said in the first post of the week, you don't want to be bearing down on the end of the year only to realise that you barely started your dreams, let only finished them.  So make sure you start to plan early!  Write down what you would like to at least start this year, what you would like to step out into, and what you would like to accomplish.  Place that document somewhere clearly visible.  On your computer desktop, in your diary, on your office or study wall, on your fridge.  And then schedule the time into your life to get those things done!

Now for this week's prophetic painting and the final aspect of the Limitless challenge.

The Face of Jesus.  Jesus is the Source of Life.  He gives Life to those He believe, and not just any life, abundant Life.  The God-kind of Life.  The Greek word is "Zoe", which means God's Life.  When we see Jesus the Life of God is imparted into every fiber of our beings, and we are strengthened from within to take on anything!

This is the key to accomplishing most of our dreams.  Especially the big ones!  Let me just say at this point, I hope you are dreaming big for 2012.  Sure, you may want to take baby steps and start small, but please don't ever settle for that your entire life.  You are qualified child of the King; a Prince, a Princess.  Dream that way!  No dream is too small.

To accomplish our dreams we need the Life of God imparted to every part of who we are.  We need to be strengthened from within.  Life can so easily get us down, and it is the Life of God that will push us through those low points.

2 Corinthians 3:16 - 18 says that whenever anyone turns to the Lord (in this context, the Lord here is referring to Christ) the veil is taken away, the Spirit comes and brings freedom, and we are transformed.  Interestingly, Romans 8:21 tells us that if the Spirit of Jesus lives in us (which He does) He will impart Life to our mortal bodies.

I don't know about you, but when I read about the incredible things Jesus did, or descriptions of what He is life and how Glorious He is, I feel the Life of God stirring within me.  I feel uplifted and strengthened, and I feel like I can do anything!  This is why it is so important to read Scripture looking to see the Person of Jesus.  All Scripture points to Jesus.  The more we see Jesus, the more we will be strengthened to accomplish supernatural feats!

For the final encouragement for being Limitless in 2012, I want to encourage you to make time and space for Jesus.  Do whatever works for you.  It may not necessarily be reading the Bible, it may be reading a devotional, it may be listening to your favourite preacher who reveals the work and Life of Jesus in the Word, it may be listening to Glorious Worship music.  Whatever it may be, make time in your weeks this year to receive fresh impartation of the Life of God.  Because as you do so, new strategies, new ideas, new strength and even new dreams will come to you.  You truly will be able to accomplish anything you put your hands to!

This year, you are LIMITLESS!  The opportunities for you are Limitless!  Don't think of yourself as a grasshopper, see yourself as a child of God who take on anything and anyone!

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