Limitless in 2012 - Part 2

James Preston 2 6:00 AM
Well, here we are, day 2 of the challenge:  Going after our dreams in 2012.  And aiming to finish as many as we possibly can.  Let me just say; I also realistically understand that some dreams take years to realise.  The architects of the new World Trade Centre in New York City won't be taking Jon Acuff's "finish year" literally, that's for sure!  So please don't rush something that needs time.  Instead, these blog posts are intended to inspire you to go after your dreams.  To not get caught up in the mundane of everyday life, and to make space to get creative and do the things you've always dreamed of doing.  Even if it means starting it this year.

By the way, how many of you headed over to Jon Acuff's blog after yesterday's post?  I would love to hear your opinions about his concept as well as his blog.  Do me a favour and comment below or on my Facebook wall.

Now to today's encouragement...

As mentioned yesterday, I am using each of Jennifer Weir's prophetic paintings from our sermon on Sunday morning.  This is the first picture I shared on.  It is inspired by the following passage of Scripture:

Matthew 14:30 - 31 
But when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out, “Lord, save me.” 31 Jesus immediately reached out his hand and took hold of him, saying to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

Many of us have often stepped out in a dream that we were so desperate to accomplish, only to find ourselves in over our heads.  Peter was in the same proverbial boat (while literally being out of the boat!).

Peter wanted to walk on water.  He said to Jesus "if it is you, then call me out with you."  Silly question to ask Jesus if you're a scaredy-cat.  Jesus said "come".  But while doing the supernatural, Peter's mind started comprehending the enormity of what he was actually doing.  And in realising how big a task it was, especially with the wind and storm, he began to sink.  There was only one way out.

Peter cries out for Jesus to save him.  And one of my favourite words in Scripture, Jesus immediately stretched out his hand to save him, bringing him back up to eye-level with Jesus.

I want to encourage you today, if you are stepping out in a truly supernatural task that just seems impossible to the natural mind, you have a Saviour who is watching you and just waiting to reach out His hand to save you.  As we looked at yesterday in Ephesians 2:10, Jesus created you, and He created you with a purpose.  He created you with destiny.  And if you have dreams that seem impossible to the natural mind, don't shrug them off.  If He created you, then who do you think put those dreams there in the first place?

After all, He also promises to give us the desires of our heart.  Does that mean He was the one who gave us those desires in the first place?  It looks like it!

So don't ever think that your dreams are too big.  The bigger the better!  But, like Peter, you may just find yourself in over your head.  I know I have on a few occasions.  (On one occasion I actually came to the brink of fainting - I'll tell you the story some time).  But in those moments, just one cry to your Loving Saviour, and He is ready and waiting to immediately save you, pick you up and place you back on course for miracles.

And He will even ask you, "why did you doubt yourself?"  In essence, that is what Jesus was asking Peter.  "Why did you doubt your ability to do this?  I was right here, standing right in front of you!"

The more you realise your true identity as a child of the Most High God, a prince or princess in the Kingdom of Heaven, a younger brother or sister of Jesus, the more you have the courage to do the impossible.

So today's encouragement:  Don't be afraid of the seemingly impossible dreams.  Don't listen to the doubting "realists" (pessimists).  Jesus is right there throughout your journey, and He is ready and willing to pick you up when you need Him.  With that Truth in mind, it should provide more than enough encouragement to pursue those big dreams!

See you tomorrow for Part 3.


Morning James

I'm a BIG dreamer! And God is speaking to me through these messages. So please don't STOP!!!!!

Have a blessed day.


Hey bro, awesome idea :) Love the challenge :)

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