Limitless in 2012 - Part 3

James Preston Reply 7:00 AM
Almost halfway in the week of encouragement to go after our dreams in 2012.  How has your week been so far?  Are you back at work amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life already?  If you're not at work, count yourself lucky.  And make a conscious decision not to let everyday life consume your thoughts and energy when you eventually do get back to the grind.

Now, today's encouragement is about Who you are accomplishing your dreams with.  Yesterday I touched on the truth that it was Jesus who created you, and thus the dreams and desires that you have in your heart are most likely part of His design.  Today, I want to remind you that your Designer didn't just create and said "off you go, come back when you have some results."  No, He wants to be part of the journey each and every day.  He Loves you and your dreams so much, that He loves to watch them unfold as they happen.  He made this possible by making His dwelling in you.

Another great addition to the incredible prophetic paintings by Jennifer Weir, today's picture represents our pathway to a glorious inheritance, and the Holy Spirit's Presence with us (the dove).

Hebrews 13:5 God encourages us: "I will never leave you, nor forsake you."

These are two very significant promises for us to take hold of in pursuit of our dreams.  God, the Creator of all things, and our Loving Father, is always with us.  This means no matter what it is that we are putting our hands to, He is always there.  He is present, and He is available.

And if He is always present, that means He is always available to call out to.  Whether it by like yesterday we were may feel in over our heads; He is right there to stretch out His hand to help us.  Or whether it is during a moment of creativity block, He is right there to inject us with that little of bit extra inspiration.  It could even be a new idea that we may be pursuing, a business idea, a new engineering invention etc.; if we ever get stuck in the process and a part doesn't fit, He is right there to show us how the part fits or the process comes together.

Just ask Him.  Wait and listen.  He will answer.  He promised that He will never leave or forsake you.  That means He is always there.  And that means when you ask, He will answer.  We know that He speaks in the most creative ways, so just wait.  Ask Him, and wait.  Quieten yourself, go for a walk or a drive, put on some music, give it a rest for a day or two, and wait...  Your Loving Father promises to answer you and give you exactly what you need!  (Philippians 4:19)

The promise goes on to say that He will never forsake us!  This means no matter what we have done or where we have gone, He will not forsake us!  He will not discard us, and give up on us.

Maybe we made a bad business decision, did something we shouldn't have done, been lazy or ill-disciplines in pursuit of our dreams.  There are a number of things we can do so easily that can make us feel guilty and unworthy of continuing the pursuit of our dreams.  These can very often be moments that cause people to give up.

If you ever feel this way, push on!  Don't give up!  God will never forsake you!  No matter what it is you have or haven't done!  Nothing will make you unworthy enough to make God give up on you!  He will never give up on you!  Thank God for His Grace and Love toward you, receive it, and get on with the job of changing the world.

My friend, you have been called to change the world.  In however big or small a way.  Your dreams and desires have the potential to contribute to a changed world.  I am entirely convinced that if every human being on the planet had to truly pursue the dreams and desires in their hearts in unconditional Love, the world would be radically different.

Your dreams can change the world.  Pursue them.  Your Father will never leave you, and He will never forsake.  You have no excuse not to pursue them.

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