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James Preston Reply 3:29 PM
As an entrepeneur, I am all-in with my investments. So I need YOUR help in keeping this Blog running while my businesses get cashflow positive. I love Blogging and expressing myself online, but of course it requires bucks to keep the websites up.

So if this Blog has helped or inspired you in any way, I'd be extremely honoured if you would consider giving back, even if it's something really small. It all helps! I've kept my Blogs AD-FREE for 7 years now. And I would love to keep it that way. So your support is greatly appreciated.

If you own BitCoin, you can use the QR code on the left for my BitCoin Wallet address, or use the address number below:


If you don't own a BitCoin Wallet, then I also have a PayPal account. You can support by entering your amount below...

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