6 Things To Make You More Effective Than Ever

James Preston Reply 3:18 PM
In mid October, I stared down the barrel of November fully aware of what pain it was going to inflict on me. And I mean pretty much "fully aware". And yet I sit here on Monday the 1st day of December wishing I changed something. What the heck, James?!

I know. It's that human nature thing. I've already said "no" more times this year than I ever have in my entire life, indicating not only how far I've come but also the increased demands on my life. But I'm still not saying "no" enough.

While the advice is ubiquitous these days, there's nothing like experience to make it real: Saying "NO" truly is one of the most liberating things in you can do. But it's tough when you're a pastor. "Pastors" are meant to lay their lives down for others. Be in constant service toward others. Etc. So it requires even more balls and maturity to say "no".

But I can personally vouch for its power. I have said "no" a lot this year. And this month specifically, knowing that by doing so I have let people down, something I absolutely hate. But I can tell you, each time I've said "no" (in a nice way of course) I have felt a weight lift off my shoulders. Knowing I have one less weight to worry about as I tackle the rest of what is in front of me.

And despite all this, I still just had the busiest weekend of my life. And I know why: I didn't focus hard enough. I didn't plan my week well enough. I wasn't disciplined enough with the planning I did do. And I didn't factor in how painful falling off a water tube at 55km/h and wake-boarding would be. (True story - amidst my crazy weekend of performing and writing and preaching and parenting I went to my bro in law's bachelor's and, while loving every minute of it, am still feeling the pain today! Haha). I also didn't factor a few other things. And this is the key: Factoring as many possibilities as you possibly can think of. I am finding more and more this is a key to effective target-hitting.

So that list again...

  1. Say "no" to more things than usual
  2. Focus on your tasks at hand for each week
  3. Plan your week well
  4. Stay disciplined to get through your plans and tasks
  5. Factor the consequences of your future choices and actions.
  6. Don't fall off a water tube at 55km/h headfirst
I have 2 businesses to run, a book to write, and 11 20-min videos to record. But I am stopping today. I am taking the time to be with my family. And rest my body and mind. If I don't, I might not make 30.


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And for the rest of this Blog Post... enjoy some great images and thoughts on the topic of effectiveness... I specifically love the "effectiveness equation". That just so resonates with me. I have way too many desires! And not enough time to achieve them all! I would be so much more effective if I just actually spent the time doing just a few of them! Wake up, James. Wake up.

The dog one is just randomly funny! ;)

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