FIFA World Cup 2014 Quarter-Final Fixture List

James Preston Reply 7:19 AM
The FIFA World Cup is a massive occasion! I can't really put my finger on it, but sport is just such an important part of a man's life. And many women, too. (Shoutout to my sport-mad Aunt Trish and cousin Jenna!) It may have something to do with out competitive nature embedded in our DNA. Or our love for fun. I've often wondered.

Any kind of World Cup is usually the pinnacle of any sporting code. So when they come round every four years us sport lovers get very excited. The Rugby World Cup, Cricket World Cup, and Soccer World Cup.

The FIFA (Soccer Federation) World Cup is the ultimate of these pinnacles. Primarily because it is so competitive. Of the 32 teams in the competition, any one of 15 of them have a realistic chance of winning. Unlike rugby and soccer where it usually comes down to 4 teams every time. And, what makes it even more exciting is that these games between the top teams from around the world are very rare. Games of these competitiveness only happen at the World Cup, and in some cases in-between the World Cup (2 years either side) in their Continental Tournaments (like Euros or Afcon etc.). 

But still, 2 years between highly competitive international soccer is a stark contrast to cricket and soccer's over-indulgence of international tours that happen twice annually.

Anyways... the FIFA World Cup 2014 has arguably been the best ever. With the most goals ever being scored. And the most amount of previous winners being knocked out in the early stages. With the most exciting finishes in the majority of the games.

And now we get to the real crunch-time: The Quarter Finals.

So if you're like me, you need to plan for when you need the TV. For the sanity of your family. So I have put together a fixture list for you which you can print out and put on your fridge. It gives you all the times and days of who plays when.

Unfortunately it is only in the time-zone of Central Africa. So if you're outside that timezone you can use this great website (worldtime buddy) to write you own time in there.

If you're not a sport fan, then carry on! You have a good week! And I'll see you next week. Maybe earlier.

Click the PIC below and download it for your fridge!

If you are a sport fan; who do you think will make the Semi-Finals? Even better... who do you think will WIN this year's World Cup?

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