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James Preston Reply 10:18 PM
I receive a fair amount of feedback from people who get my weekly Email through the Blog. To each of you who subscribe to this Blog (and read it): Thank you. Sincerely. You are awesome in so many ways.

I realise I failed you in my last post.

I told you about the most important movie I have ever watched that has impacted me more than any other, and yet most of you could not access the movie from your emails.

I am so sorry.

I didn't create a link to the YouTube page for the movie. A basic error which was caused from rushing through my Post.

So if that was you... You found yourself intrigued by what I had to say regarding the movie I spoke about last week... Firstly, I am so sorry! Secondly, here are the primary details you need to know:

Movie Title:

Economic Documentary

The World's Top Bankers, Philosophers, Psychologists and Sociologists (in interview format)

The world is based on a collapsing economic system that MUST be addressed.

Written and Directed by:
Ross Ashcroft

My Rating:
100% (My first ever 100% rating)

And without further adieu... here are the links to the movie's YouTube page where you can watch it there (or download it with a YouTube downloader - I hope the producers don't mind - I somehow doubt it considering they have made it entirely available on YouTube in HD):


Please. Make time to watch this movie. If you live nearby in Durban, I would be happy to give you a copy on a DVD. Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to get this message.

Thanks again for being such an awesome bunch of readers! You guys rock.

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