Jesus Loves Barabbas - VIDEO by Judah Smith

James Preston Reply 6:52 AM
Happy Easter friends! I hope you've had a good time with family and friends, enjoying life and enjoying quality time together. When I think of these kind of holidays, that's what it's all about, fellowship with true friends who love us unconditionally.

I enjoyed a great Sharks victory at Kings Park with Corinne, Joel and our friend Pascal. It was Joel's first game. He was a delight! I think there are many more of those to come.

Obviously the higher purpose of it all, the true subject of what "it's all about" is of course remembering what Jesus accomplished over 200 years ago. His death and resurrection are the greatest events to ever happen in all of history. And I mean all of history. So I also hope you've been able to spend some time, any time at all, acknowledging Him for His worldchanging work, and thanking Him for what He went through for your redemption.

For the Easter version of my Blog, I thought I would share this video with you. I saw this for the first time in September last year, when I was teaching a "Grace Series" with YWAM Durban. I actually wanted to show this video for one of the classes, but it didn't work out, so today's Blog is dedicated to them. The YWAM Durban DTS Course of 2013.

This video is powerful. Judah Smith, based in Seattle, is one of the best preachers out there. He preaches a powerful message Gospel, and this video is a clip made into a "Sermon Jam" of one of those powerful sermons. Big up to my friend Adam Cruikshank who first told me about Judah Smith.

I know this video is more suitable for Good Friday, but on this Easter Sunday, the day of Christ's victorious resurrection, it still provides a powerful reminder of what this weekend is all about.

Bookmark this video and make sure you watch it!

Enjoy and have a blessed Easter!

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