Why I Agree with Piers Morgan on Gun Control in America

James Preston Reply 4:29 PM
This is just a quick post. Not part of your weekly fix of Worldchanging. But I wanted to get this out there...

There has just been ANOTHER wild shooting attack in the United States of America! And no, I'm not talking about the one at LAX. ANOTHER one! This time at a Shopping Centre in New Jersey.

Now, I probably lean more Right than Left when it comes to politics. But I don't live in America, so have never voted for either faction's ideology. But really, the Right Wing need to stop this bickering about their love of guns. It is getting out of hand, and there is very little else to stop it but ban them entirely.

It is ATROCIOUS. We don't have that kind of fear to deal with in South Africa. I'm sorry, but with a society like that, and the way they are going, I can only but agree with Piers Morgan that guns should be banned.

The Right Wing have to acknowledge that the very very few are ruining it for the majority. (Those madmen shooting innocent victims).

At the rate these atrocious acts are escalating, banning public guns is fast becoming the USA's only option.

I don't always agree with him. And I most certainly can't say I like to agree with him. But Piers Morgan is right on this one. Guns have to go in the USA. Their society just can't handle that kind of freedom anymore.

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