Danny Silk and Kris Vallotton Video Interview

James Preston Reply 7:10 AM
I am absolutely delighted to announce the latest edition to my Sonic Substance Leadership Podcast.

Many of you may not know about the Sonic Substance project, because I haven't updated it for quite some time now. Between pastoring, business, a son, and the Blog, I haven't been disciplined enough to knuckle down and edit some of the quality interviews that I have recorded over the last few years. So many of you have joined the Blog without me saying a word about Sonic Substance.

Well, in a nutshell... Sonic Substance is a project that was birthed out of my experience as a Radio Presenter. I had interviewed dozens of incredible people over the years (Michael W Smith, Martin Smith, John Ellis, Third Day), but was always frustrated by the fact that once an interview was aired live, it was lost to those who missed it. So I started Sonic Substance to store these amazing interviews online for people to listen to whenever it suited them. (The new world of media!)

It then expanded into a much larger project to videos and a YouTube channel. The key is keeping it updated!

The Leadership Podcast is a Program for Christian Leaders designed to give the audience a unique insight into influential pastors and leaders that they normally wouldn't get while listening to them preach or reading their books.

This latest edition is a real exciting one for me, because it is the first interview fully optimized for Video/TV. My assistant (and good friend of mine Andrew Bloch) and I have bought some great cameras for high quality videography, we now hire a full lighting rig, and the next step is a decent microphone setup, as you can hear in this interview our audio wasn't quite the standard I aspire to, unfortunately.

Danny and Kris in Durban
I recorded this interview when Danny Silk and Kris Vallotton were in Durban doing a conference in April 2013. They were incredibly gracious in giving me their time. We recorded the interview 30 mins before the conference started on the first night, that Friday! So it was a crazy rush! Danny literally rushed out of that chair into the pulpit!

Richard & Jill Lawton and Hilton Mundell of Hillside Church in Hillcrest, South Africa were extremely gracious in allowing us to do the interview. And I sincerely appreciate their hospitality.

Danny and Kris were equally hospitable in giving me their time, and being so willing to answer the questions. They are extremely humble men, down to earth, and full of laughs! They really do radiate the Love and Grace of God.

And here it is! 

After months of editing, the next edition, and next era, of the Sonic Substance Leadership Podcast, with Danny Silk and Kris Vallotton... ENJOY!

Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel to never miss out on any new videos to come.

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