3 Keys to the Perfect Diet - A Summary of LCHF

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My Son & myself enjoying Bacon & Eggs!

The response to my Blog "LCHF, the Perfect Diet" has been overwhelming.  In 2 months it has climbed to my 2nd most popular post ever.  The testimonies that come in continue to stun me.  In light of its popularity, I figured a summary of the post explaining the diet and eating plan may be even more beneficial.  So here you go!  You can still get the whole explanation here...

Professor Tim Noakes, a world-renowned nutritionist and leading sports scientist introduced me (and many of the public) to the concept of "LCHF" (Low Carb High Fat).  A concept made famous by Dr. Bob Atkins, whose diet allows a few carbs.  This one takes it a step further and encourages even less carbs.  New, leading and highly reliable scientific research is revealing that it is a lot healthier than we thought.  And nowhere near as damaging as we thought!  Dr Andreas Eenfeldt's blog has guided me along the way.

Millions of dollars of food-industry marketing has made you believe carbohydrate is essential part of a balanced diet and that fat is bad.  It seems as though they were wrong.

LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) is fat friendly.  (Immediately your brain-washed mind says "that can't be healthy!")  LCHF says replace the carbs with fat as your energy source.  
This theory is backed up by new and reliable science proving our body burns fat as energy more efficiently than carbs, and it is a whole lot healthier for our body when it does.

This theory means...  Eat as much fat as you want with a healthy balance of protein and veg, but don't be afraid of fat!  Your body needs it.  This makes you fuller for longer (satiated), and thus you end up eating less.

You don't have to count your calories, watch how much you're eating of a certain food, or limit your fat intake.  Nothing of the sort.  

The rules are simple:
1. Cut out as much Carbs & Sugars as possible.  (Sweetened yoghurts, starchy veg like Potatoes, Butternut & Carrots)
2. Have adequate portions of protein.
3. Have adequate portions of veg (Peppers, Lettuce, Broccoli, Cauliflower, etc.)
4. Don't be afraid of fat (cream, meat, etc.)

Insulin is the hormone that causes your body to store fat.
The more insulin you have in your body the more fat will be stored.  Of course if fat is being stored, it isn't going to be burned.

By cutting out Carbs & Sugar, your insulin levels slowly decrease (it takes a few days to weeks), causing a process called Ketosis, where the body starts burning fat.  When your body goes into Ketosis, you're in the sweet spot.

It's that simple!

After 13 weeks I am still loving it and 7kgs down!  A common day looks like this: 

a. Coffee with heavy cream in the morning (no sugar, cream over milk because there is less lactose and carbs and the fat helps make me feel fuller. My wife has full-cream milk though.)

b. Bacon & Eggs for breakfast, no toast. 

c. I only start getting hungry at 1pm, which is a salad packed with chicken, bacon, gouda, mozarella. 

d. A snack of Brazil & Macademian Nuts (or peanuts) in between lunch & dinner, or some Greek Yoghurt (high fat, no sugar!) and Cream. 

e. Some beef/fish/chicken/pork and veg for dinner.  (Steak is my fave!)  All fat remain firmly on the cut!

f. Some more coffee in the afternoons or evening.

g. About 1,5 - 2 litres of water a day.  I'm not strict.

Don't worry about eating smaller portions regularly, that's based on the theory that Carbs are our main source of energy.  It's also practically impossible in today's busy lifestyle.

I feel much less hungry than before and I'm eating less in total.  I don't have drops of energy (so common after lunch with carbs!) and I actually feel more focussed. 

So there you go!  It's as easy as that!

I encourage you to consider the health benefits of cutting out Sugar & Carbs.  


Start with this guy here, DR Andreas Eenfeldt, who has the most comprehensive collection of science proving the benefits of the LCHF diet.

Am I against Carbs & Sugar?  No.  I will go back to the odd Steak Roll, chocolate & cold-drink.  But I'm now keenly aware of what they will do to my blood systems.  I want to get to a place where "all things in moderation".

What about you?  

Have heard of the LCHF?  Would you consider trying it out?

Does this information differ from your understanding?

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I have lost over a stone doing this diet in the past in a month when i was 75 kilos) and recently done it again and lost 5 kilos in the first week..I weighed 86 kilos after giving birth) now I'm back on it and lost two kilos this week as out of ketosis, like u I had a few cheat days to get it out of my system and the guilt keeps me on track for another week or so lol, I tell myself once a week or try once every two weeks if I can where I actualy binge on sugary treats and carbs and find I loose a kilo the next day?! Coincidence maybe or maybe my weight loss slows down a tad for the next few days. But yes all in all a very great diet!

Hello from Croatia!
i just came accross your blog and saw this post. i was wondering how are you doing today? are you still on LCHF?
with kind regards,

Hi Mikica. Thanks so much for the comment! Yes, I am indeed still following LCHF, and continue to lose wait. I have stabilised at 68kgs and feel as healthy as ever. I don't get tired, I have more energy, and I don't have to worry about my weight.

To be honest... once a week I "branch out" a bit and have a treat of cake and maybe a pizza or something like that. But it doesn't affect my weight-loss and I continue to enjoy the lifestyle! I hope that answers the question?

Please feel free to ask any more questions you may have!

Great! I am so happy for you! And you also replied to my second question: do you "cheat"?
I came accross LCHF in May2012. I immediately took it as my "thing", as I tested intolerant to all grains (only oats are ok). Plus with my work stress, I gained 7kg extra. :-/

After a while on the LCHF I lost 6kg and was quite happy with my weight (I do not have helth problems - fortunately!, only headaches - but this is totally different issue all together...), but I started to cheat with bread, cookies, ice-cream... the things I even did not like until 4-5 years ago! In my youth and even in my first pregnancy I did not ate so much, espesially sweet food. I really do not know what happened to me... maybe so many influences all around: restaurants, food shops, colleagues eating stupid stuff... It seems to me that accessibility to everything is greater then ever.

Look at me blabing so much!
It is so nice to share/comment this things with somebody who understands you... Do you mind if I contact you from time to time for some comment/advise/info regarding the life style issue/change?

And sorry for my English, it is not my native language! :-)

We have national holiday this week and I intend to browse through your blog - to get to know you better! ;-)

Greetings from Zagreb, Croatia

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