Changing the World by Changing the Toilet

James Preston Reply 7:36 AM
This Blog, and my life, is devoted to changing the world for good. This world is waiting for you and I to rise up and take our place as worldchangers in society. There is so much in need of revolutionary change. And today I want to highlight a rather unsanitary one. Literally.

This is a strange post for my Blog, and for anyone's Blog for that matter.  But it gives the perfect example of what I am talking about when I say "we need to be changing the world".  We are in a revolution in "the church", and the religious lid is being lifted and people are beginning to tap into the Creativity of Heaven within them.  From that Creativity are the solutions to the world's biggest problems.  This being one of them.  And just because it is of an "unsanitary" nature, doesn't mean it shouldn't be highlighted.

The example?  Poo.

That's correct.  Poo.  Doo Doo.  Number 2.  All I really want to do is share with you an incredible Infographic which highlights the need for how the world deals with its abundance of human waste.

Bill Gates has so recognised the problem that he has officially stated that he will give 46 million Dollars in funding to the individual or organisation who can invent a working toilet that...
a) adequately deals with the human waste without polluting the environment
b) does not use running water
c) is affordable

His premise is that the toilet engineering has remained largely unchanged since around the mid 1700's.  And with such drastic innovations in technology in the last 20 years alone, why can our sophisticated minds not develop a new toilet that doesn't waste as much water as our current ones do?

So, all I'm saying, is that this invention should come from the church.  Those who recognise they carry Heaven within them. This is the perfect opportunity for a Christian engineer to recognise a problem, tap into Heaven's resources, and find a Heavenly solution!  Because I can guarantee you, Heaven has the perfect solution to this problem!

Watch this video as an introduction to Bill Gates' offer.  Please do not be offended.  I don't mean to offend anyone at all.  But rather highlight a serious issue that this world needs to solve!  And I pray this Blog inspires someone to solve it!
But really, this is a bit of a strange Blog Post, but the truth is, no one talks about this issue because it's a bit uncomfortable, but as you will see by the Info below, this is a serious problem!  And one that needs to be spoken about!

Once you're done watching the video, go through the Infographic below.  It gives you all the Info you need to realise how much of a problem this really is.

Enjoy, and happy changing the world!


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