The "Name of Jesus" Isn't Some Tag-Line You Use To Show You Have Power

James Preston 3 2:54 PM
What is it with Pastors using the Name of Jesus as a mere little tag-line to everything they stand against like It were some sort of trigger that you push to get the bullets to come out? Come on people! The Name of Jesus is all about identity! The Ambassador of England doesn't have to say "in the name of Her Majesty" after every sentence. They just get on with their job!

Come on Children of God!  Know who you are! Speak in authority!! Not religious jargon that has very little Power because it's rooted in unbelief.

We have been given authority to take over the Earth, disciple nations, and bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, in Jesus' Name. Done Deal. It's Done. We don't have to keep repeating His Name as if it still has to be done.

We are His children, Royalty in the Kingdom of God. Period. Now, just live it out and act like it!

Enough of the religion!!

So, to repeat the title in the 1st person; the Name of Jesus isn't a tag-line I use to show I have power. No, I know I have power. Now, I am not against using the Name of Jesus where necessary, I am just tired of It being thrown around after every sentence to do something we have already been given authority to do.  So, if you continue to use the Name of Jesus often (as I most probably will) then no-one's going to judge you.  I just think this is a revelation we need to grow in as children of God.  One based entirely on our identity as Royalty in the Kingdom of God.


The same thing with praying.
If i was speaking to you, i wouldn't say "Hey James, and James how are you Brother today Brother James?", I would say "Whats up?".

So why do we think we need to speak to God like this? It's rooted in years of trying so say a "mature christian prayer".

We need to learn to be more natural with God - he is a person after all :-)

Come on bro! That's exactly it! I couldn't agree with you more. I often find it funny when people throw "Father" and "Lord" after every sentence and a half. Even though I've been guilty many a time. And you're right, it's because of years of religious conditioning.

James, I loved this post! Such a key truth - this is a subtle thing that eats away at our relationship and authority as you said.

Thanks so much for being so relentless in your sharing the finished work of Jesus. I've been reading through your blog this evening and loving it!

And Interns - your comment on how we pray made me laugh!

Love you James!

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