Glory & Grace, Durban 2011 - Diary 3

James Preston Reply 7:39 AM
This post may just be a little shorter than the other 2 thus far, as there is a little less to share about, to be honest.  I unfortunately had to leave just after Rob started preaching as I had to do one of my friend's weddings.  So I wasn't able to hear the rest of what seemed to be a mighty meaty Message!

Diary 3 of course should cover Saturday, and Saturday's sessions were only scheduled from 9am to 1pm.  So naturally this diary should be a little shorter.  Although look out for most posts coming as this morning (Sunday) we have Fini de Gersigny sharing and tonight Rob wraps it all up with a celebration service.  Everyone is expectant.

That is one thing that makes conferences such as these so special... the expectancy level of those that attend.  These aren't conferences that churches force their members to go to, no.  These conferences are usually discovered by hungry people over the internet, newspaper, word of mouth etc. and people do everything they can to get there.  So when they come, they are hungry!  And what that does to the atmosphere is revolutionary.  It reminds me of the upper room.  Most would have heard that the earliest disciples numbered around 500, but only about 120 were in the upper room when Holy Spirit was poured out.  Those 120 were the hungry ones!  They weren't after anything else but the Promise of Jesus!  Friends, Jesus has promised us some mighty, mighty things for things! (Just have a look at John 14:12) and I won't settle for anything less!

The morning exploded out of expectancy in the front (I like to worship right up in the front!  I just find the atmosphere a little bit more charged because like-minded people are around me!)  and Fini and Isi launched us into a praise party of epic proportions!  It was a dancing fiasco as we celebrate our King turning our water (old selves) into Wine (New Selves) and the angels and Holy Spirit were so enjoying it with us as we all celebrated together!  Like a Mighty River flowing, it flowed from celebration to intimate worship, as most of us in the room found ourselves on the floor before our King, pouring our hearts out to Him.  So deep and intimate!

Rob must've got up on stage about an hour and a half later, and continued to pour out his heart to our King and Lover, Jesus.  It was Gloriously Special.

There was a real prophetic charge coming through and Glenda shared a word that many people were about to have great gates of opportunities be opened to them.  She saw people being given passports, authorising them to go into places of significance declaring the Kingdom of God.  A real commissioning took place.

After praying for this commissioning, another commissioning took place.  Rob called forward a few people who were being ordained as elders in some local churches, as well as a family who were planting a church in Umhlanga.  Rob, Glenda, Fini and Isi, as well as a few other leaders from the local churches represented laid hands on these people and commissioned them and released them into their office of eldering and leadership.  It was a joyful celebration of new leaders being raised up, but having said that, most of them were knocked down under the Weighty Presence of the Lord!  :-)

The prophetic words and praying for and ordaining leaders took us through to a short tea break.  And then Rob got straight into the heart of what he wanted to say.  And from the short amount of time that I was there to hear it, it would seem as though that was "that our commission as children of God is to usher in the Kingdom and order of Heaven, pushing back the kingdom of darkness gripping this world so tightly."  As mentioned, I was only there for about 15 minutes before I had to leave, but to be very honest with you, it seemed as though it could've been one of Rob's most powerful sermons of the week!

He was getting into the Sovereignity of our Mighty God, and His Power in creation, but He handed to authority and rulership of this planet over to us in the garden of Eden, where we handed it to satan.  Rob then explained that Jesus had to come as a man to redeem us from what we put ourselves under, in order for mankind to once again have legal authority to overthrow the powers of darkness.  Which is now our commission; to go into all the world and preach the Kingdom of God.

It is a powerful message and one that gets me so excited.  It is the kind of vision that I live for!  I honestly live for one purpose; and that is to see the Kingdom of Heaven be established here on Earth.  I truly believe Jesus left us here on Earth empowered by the Holy Spirit to carry out His commission of discipling ALL nations.  So such a message is one that excites every cell in my body!  I will just have to download the sermon or get the DVD!

By the way, if you would like to download the sermons, I will post a link to them once they are up on my Twitter and Facebook pages.  And if you would like to order the DVD Box set you can do so for $40.  Just email me and we can send you copy.

That was it for me for Saturday.  I had to painstakingly pull myself away from the preaching early on, but there is still so much more to come!  At least I was able to soak up the Glory of the Lord in the beautiful surrounds of the African Bush, at Tala Game Reserve where the wedding was held...

I better grab myself some breakfast and get going to church, as Fini will be setting the place on Fire this morning!  Until next time...  GRACE AND PEACE ON YOU ALL!

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