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I am at McDonald's in Newcastle right now. It is early in the morning and the session is about to start. I realised at 6am that I hadn't blogged for the week, and likewise hadn't thought what to Blog about! (How many of you Bloggers know that figuring out what to write about is just as difficult as actually writing it!?)

So I figured I would give you a quick photo diary of what we have experienced so far...

As you can see on the left, I am on my first cup of coffee for the morning, thinking what to write.

For those McDonald's haters: Their coffee is surprisingly alright.

So here we are. About to embark on the first large-scale Glory and Grace in a South African Township (Osizweni). This moment has been prophesied about on a number of occasions. And many, including me, believe it is going to be a deeply significant time for this country. Big dreams. But time will tell.

It's been a crazy week for me. Mixed with good times of catching my breath and in the beautiful KZN Drakensberg Mountains or taking a roadside pic in the KZN Midlands, nonetheless there has been a lot to get through in one week! Not to mention 900kms so far!

The week started early Monday morning with a drive up to the glorious Southern Drakensberg resort: Drakensberg Gardens. 40 pastors were extremely blessed with the most stunning accommodation in one of the world's most beautiful holiday attractions. Many of these pastors had never experienced such wonder and luxury. Thanks to some great entrepreneurship dealings, Terry Akal was able to agree upon incredible prices to ensure everyone could afford the above view!

The sessions were remarkable. Rob and Glenda are on fire with a renewed passion for carrying this Glorious Gospel to all corners of the globe!

The ministry was more than just strategising the opportunities God was opening up all over the world, it was also a time of impartation and refreshing. Every person in the room ended up on the floor! Beautiful...

For me it was home that afternoon to attend to some business, collect some work for the Newcastle conference, and catch a breakfast with my beautiful family. That meant driving home for 2 hours in this...

2 hours was the road back to the Highway. Not the entire journey! After hitting the Highway it was another 30 mins of torrential rain. A prophetic sign of what God was doing in the Province?

The following day it was back up to Newcastle, which meant the most glorious drive through the stunning KZN Midlands. Nothing like the view of the African plains as far as the eye can see...

Such views meant you just have to stop on the side of the road to take it all in...

*breathe* Aaaaaahhh....

I arrived to my quaint room at 10pm that night! Yes, the great Andrew Bloch had taken our room key with him to the Conference Venue to set up sound. So I ended up having dinner at the local Spur. Which was fine. Me and God, you know?

Lovely rooms for the weekend....

It's going to be a powerful weekend. I will keep you updated throughout the conference on Facebook and Twitter. Be praying for us and the conference. If you do pray, the following are key requests:

1. Energy for Rob and Glenda Rufus. They go to Holland and start another conference on Monday!
2. Protection for all the attendees traveling by car from around the country.
3. That our bookshop sells a number of resources. (Specifically 94 "Great Leadership by Rob Rufus" and 50 "Zulu Highway to Grace by Steve Wheeler). These finances go toward recovering publishing and printing costs, and go back into spreading the Message.

Thanks for all your support and prayers. God is moving! Chat soon...

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