Mitchell Johnson Not Number 1 Bowler Meme

James Preston Reply 3:22 PM

Being the avid sports fan that I am, and a passionate South African cricket fan, I was absolutely delighted at the way the South Africans demolished the Australians in the second Test in PE this past weekend. After they (well, Mitchell Johnson) embarassed us in Joburg a week earlier, everyone was talking us down. But we absorbed the pressure, reflected, and came back fighting. And Dale Steyn, South Africa's premier bowler showed why HE is Number 1 and NOT Mitchell Johnson!

Mitchell Johnson was pretty quiet in comparison to the first Test Match, but Dale Steyn was on absolute fire. And his scathing performance to completely rip through the Australians in the second innings saw him keep his position as the Number 1 ranked Test Bowler as rated by the ICC.

This meme just says it all! With Mitchell Johnson grinning as though he would expect to be there, you get a nice surprise when you see "IT'S NOT THIS GUY"!! Haha. Love it.

Feel free to share and enjoy!

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